Halloween horrors aren’t just reserved for haunted houses. From finding the perfect costume for your little one to limiting the candy they consume, Halloween can be a frightful time of year for any parent! But with these tricks up your sleeve, this spooky time of year will be so much more of a treat. Start [...]

PSL-lovers rejoice. I’ve taken the pumpkin spice latte we all love at this time of year and turned it into a fudge. You’re welcome. This fudge recipe challenged me this month. It took me three tries to get the chocolate chip ratio right so that it would turn into fudge. My first try ended up [...]

The witches and pirates (and probably way too many Elsa and Annas) will be out in full force on Halloween. It is such a high-energy night for the little ones and after it is all said and done, kids everywhere are left with a giant pile of treats. Here are some Halloween trick or treat [...]

If you like this recipe, check out our Chocolate Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe. Have you picked up your pumpkin to carve yet? This year make sure to hold on to your seeds so you can make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Pumpkin seeds make great snacks that are rich in fiber as well as vitamins B and [...]

Halloween is such a fun time for kids. They have the night to dress up and pretend to be anything or anyone they want. They go door to door to see the decorations, scare their friends, family and neighbours and to gather the ultimate collection of the finest Halloween candy this side of the Rockies. [...]