*sponsored post November is Financial Literacy Month and it’s a great time to share what you know about money matters with your kids. To mark Financial Literacy Month last November, TD commissioned a report – State of Financial Education in Canada – which found parents and educators share the main responsibility for the financial education [...]

Back to school also means back to juggling extracurricular activities for your kids. After-school and weekend programs like hockey, swimming, dance and music classes, can make the school year an even more expensive and busy time for families. With two weeks left until the first day of school, our girls are already planning their extracurricular [...]

So I get that finances (and lack of) are not the sexiest subject to talk about but we are in, what many like to call, an economic downturn. For some, it’s a politically correct way of saying ‘you may need to decide between paying your bills and feeding your family this year’. This is a [...]

Winter packs a punch in Canada. The cold temperatures, shorter daylight hours and wind drive up energy consumption and, with that, our winter energy bills can skyrocket. These simple tips can help keep your house warm and your monthly bills in check. Regular Furnace Maintenance If you take good care of your home comfort equipment, [...]

Being part of a wedding party can come with an unexpected price tag. Outside of the dress and gift, there are numerous extras that come out of nowhere and can hurt your bottom line, financially speaking. A recent TD survey found that almost 40 per cent of Millennial and Gen X Canadians who have been [...]

At the end of this week, our kids will be done with school and ready for eight weeks of vacation. We’ve been stockpiling a list of activities to keep us busy. One option that many parents turn to is the idea of summer camp. Kids stay busy, they meet new friends and camp can break [...]

People are sometimes afraid about going green because they fear it will be hard on their wallets – as organic foods and green alternatives seem to be pricier than conventional products. There are actually a lot of green changes you can make that will save you a lot of money. Perfume Who decided that people [...]

The most expensive holiday of the year is just a few days away. The food, gifts, decorations, cards and all of the little extras can really add up. Here are some tips to help you enjoy the season Santa-style on a Humbug budget. Host a cookie swap Holiday baking can be time consuming and costly [...]

2013 Year End Income Tax Tips for Canadians

Individuals are taxed on a calendar year basis and December 31st is quickly approaching. Here are some tax considerations to keep in mind as we enter the final weeks of 2013. Personal Tax Brackets An important component of year-end tax planning is keeping in mind your expected personal tax bracket. For 2013 the Federal tax [...]

It’s easy to get comfortable with your current rewards card to the point where it just doesn’t occur to you to look around for something else. I’ve had the same rewards card for 15 years and, only recently, realized that I wasn’t getting everything I wanted back for it. Our family loves to travel so [...]

I’ve been saving shopping list apps on my iPhone for awhile now to prepare for a post on the best shopping list apps for your iPhone and today, I had the pleasure of deleting them all and clearing up some space on my phone. President’s Choice has launched their new points program and it is [...]

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