2013 Year End Income Tax Tips for Canadians

Individuals are taxed on a calendar year basis and December 31st is quickly approaching. Here are some tax considerations to keep in mind as we enter the final weeks of 2013. Personal Tax Brackets An important component of year-end tax planning is keeping in mind your expected personal tax bracket. For 2013 the Federal tax [...]

It’s easy to get comfortable with your current rewards card to the point where it just doesn’t occur to you to look around for something else. I’ve had the same rewards card for 15 years and, only recently, realized that I wasn’t getting everything I wanted back for it. Our family loves to travel so [...]

I’ve been saving shopping list apps on my iPhone for awhile now to prepare for a post on the best shopping list apps for your iPhone and today, I had the pleasure of deleting them all and clearing up some space on my phone. President’s Choice has launched their new points program and it is [...]

Ever since our family came home from our vacation in Cuba last January, we have wanted to go back. Nothing beats our quality time spent together as a family and it is amplified even more when you throw in beautiful, blue water and sunny beaches, especially in the middle of winter. Saving for a winter [...]

Teaching your kids about credit at an early age can help them understand more about money matters down the road. Children are curious creatures and they understand more at their young age than we tend to give them ‘credit‘ for. So just like good values and moral behaviour, why not start talking about how to [...]

I was cleaning out our basement the other day while getting ready for a garage sale and came across a box of unused mason jars. I decided they would be perfect for a DIY project for the kids to use as their saving jars. If your children are like mine, they need something visual to [...]

Last year, when we moved in to our new house I was so thrilled to have more updated appliances. I looked through the manual for our fridge (I know, I’m weird) to see what everything did as they previous owners cleaned everything out and placed some of the accessories inside the fridge so we would [...]

Every year on or around my birthday I like to do a post about companies that offer birthday freebies and discounts that I know of.  So, yes, it is my birthday today. We actually celebrated on Friday because that was our day off and Papa Bird had to work this weekend. It was Papa Bird, [...]

Many of you know I write for my community newspaper. I want to share my columns with you when I can because I am aware that not many of you live in my community (or I’d have you all over for coffee!). Here is March’s column, hope you like it.Beauty on a BudgetWho doesn’t love [...]

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