Save Money on Appliance Repairs and Parts

Last year, when we moved in to our new house I was so thrilled to have more updated appliances. I looked through the manual for our fridge (I know, I’m weird) to see what everything did as they previous owners cleaned everything out and placed some of the accessories inside the fridge so we would find them.

As I flipped through the manual, I discovered all of the extra parts that were not added on when this refrigerator was originally purchased. We all have different needs when buying appliances, and I found out that I did not need some of the things the previous owner did, and would have rather had other accessories instead.

But what can you do? What is done is done, right?


I found out about and it has opened up a whole world of opportunities. Now I can look for the accessories I want in our fridge and buy them separately instead of secretly hoping our fridge goes on the fritz so I can get the one extra shelf I secretly want.

There re so many benefits to a site like this and it can save you a lot of money. Now thinking back, I wish I knew about this site when I broke the filter on our dishwasher. Just buying the part and replacing it ourselves would have saved us about $150.

Other uses for this site:

  • Replace broken pieces on your appliances instead of either having junky looking appliances, or replacing the appliance all together.
  • Great for buying appliances at a discounted cost. Many people who don’t know about this site may put their newer appliances up for sale at a really low cost. You can pick them up for a great price, then replace just the broken part(s)
  • Add to your appliance. Life changes and you can add to your appliance accessories when ever you need.
  • DIY – Check out the website, there are a lot of free repair tips and resources that you can do on your own.
In a recent poll among customers of, it was found that:
  • Almost 80% of repairs require only 30 minutes (and 50% take less than 15!)
  • A repairman can cost anywhere between $45 and $70 just to walk in the door, which doesn’t even include labor or parts
  • Fridges tend to break the most – the average cost to repair them using parts from EasyApplianceParts is around $48
  • On a 5 point scale, 88% of people said that their DIY repair was “Really Easy” – only 2% of people said it was “Very Difficult”
The site is easy to use and includes instructions right on the front page for finding your part or model number.
So before you panic and start shopping for a new appliance, stop by and check out what they have, it is probably exactly what you are looking for.
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