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Makeup Basics

If you are just starting to get into makeup or getting back into wearing makeup, the whole process can be a little daunting. First there are so many different products out there and simply visiting the cosmetics section of your local store can be daunting. It doesn’t have to be though. I recently attended the [...]

Coconut oil has many uses in your beauty regimen. As a makeup remover, cuticle helper, body scrub, body moisturizer, lip balm, highlighter, hair treatment and more. Take this quiz to learn how to use it the right way. Shop the article: Coconut Oil Formula Conditioning Shampoo $15.76 – Marketplace Buy now Palmer’s – Coconut [...]

The new holiday collection from OPI has me dazzled. Gwen Stefani Holiday for OPI is a limited-edition 18 shade collection featuring an assortment of red, maroon, burgundy, and forest green hues, along with shimmer-packed silver, gold and black shades. These seasonal lacquers are the perfect festive accessory to your winter-wear, and are inspired by No [...]

Winter Jacket Trends

I have this dream that involves the first snow of winter falling on December 1st. Wouldn’t it be great to enjoy the golden sun on the freshly harvested fields through November? Okay, mostly I just would like a shorter winter. I realize that I’ve probably jinxed the timing of the first snow fall and I [...]

I don’t often do fancy nail art on this site. Mostly because I’m not that talented. I prefer easy shapes and designs. I do, however, paint my nails quite often. It’s a distraction and a relaxation activity for me. I was recently asked to choose a couple of colours from the Trind line from Obsessed [...]

One of our beauty contributors put this product to the test. Here’s her story. I have struggled with my skin for years and have tried many different skincare products over my lifetime. My skin is oily with slight rosacea and peri-oral dermatitis. Additionally, I developed rough, skin colored bumps all over my face in my [...]

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter (or sparkle) nail polish. I love putting it on; I hate taking it off. What’s not to love about glitter. It goes on easy. It covers up imperfections and ‘user-error’. It’s shiny. If some of it chips or smears off, you can just put another coat on. No [...]

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