Can RoC Retin-Ox Corrector Smooth Fine Lines?

One of our beauty contributors put this product to the test. Here’s her story.

I have struggled with my skin for years and have tried many different skincare products over my lifetime. My skin is oily with slight rosacea and peri-oral dermatitis. Additionally, I developed rough, skin colored bumps all over my face in my late 20s that were similar in texture to that of sandpaper.

From spa to spa and facial to facial I was talked into purchasing a new kind of skincare product that cost me a fortune each time and did absolutely nothing. My dermatologist and doctors told me that the rough bumps were hereditary and I could not do anything to change them. They were wrong about this.

RoC Retin-Ox CorrexionTwo months ago I began using a product called Retin-Ox Correxion. I applied the smoothing anti-wrinkle moisturizer and wrinkle smoothing eye cream in the morning and the instant wrinkle filler at night. Within a month I noticed that my skin was smoother and had developed a glow that made me look younger and fresher.

Contrary to my belief that only Botox could smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, after using Retin-Ox Correxion for over eight weeks I began to notice that my fine lines and wrinkles were less noticeable. Don’t get me wrong; this product does not miraculously eliminate your wrinkles like Botox and fillers can. It is, however, an effective product for reducing the fine lines and wrinkles in a cost effective manner.

Retin-Ox Correxion is perfect for anyone with slightly sensitive skin. The moisturizer and filler are lightweight and they did not increase the oils in my skin nor irritate my rosacea or dermatitis. I especially loved the eye cream – it tingles so you can actually feel it working! It does take a full eight weeks to really see the effects of the product.

The biggest benefit of this product for me personally was the reduction of the rough sandpaper bumps on my face that I was told by doctors would never be eliminated.

Retin-Ox Correxion diminished the bumps and has made me feel more confident about my skin. I highly recommend Retin-Ox Correxion to anyone who is looking for smoother, more youthful skin.

Suggestions for use: Follow the package directions for use and time before results are seen.

You can find RoC Retin-Ox Correxion at skin care and beauty salons across the country.

Disclosure: The above product was provided to the author to facilitate a feature on This Bird’s Day. Any opinions expressed are those of the author’s and are not influenced.

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