Fall makeup trends featuring our favourites

I’m starting to feel the shift to fall in everything I do. Meals, clothing, even my makeup choices shift as the weather turns cool. As the days get shorter, my makeup colours become warmer and the products with a boost of moisture make their way back to the top of my makeup basket.

Earlier this summer, I attended the beauty event of the year when I was a guest at the London Drugs Beauty Event in Vancouver. Featuring Canada’s leading beauty brands, I was honoured to be invited to have an inside look at what was coming to my London Drugs beauty departments this fall (read NOW!!!).

I have to share that, inside, I was a blubbering mess of excitement that went into absolute overdrive when I saw what was in store for fall. It’s like someone read my mind and pulled from my ultimate wishlist for beauty products and colours.

I’ve been testing and trying everything out and now I get to share these new fall trends with you so we can just excitedly blubber along together.

The colours

Full disclosure, I love nude colours. So you can imagine how happy I am to see beautiful neutral shades in the new palettes at my local London Drugs. From deep browns, to shimmery light pink/beiges, they are everywhere. So much so, that I barely made it out of my last beauty shop-stop with cash in my wallet.



There is a big focus on brow colour and shape this year with almost all of the beauty brands in attendance adding something brow-related to their arsenal of beauty products. You’ll find everything you need to colour, shape, pluck, tint, or set your brows at London Drugs this fall.


While colour is still a focus, the main push behind many of the products on the shelves is lip nourishment. Tinted, stained, coloured lipsticks, and regular lip conditioning products will keep your lips in great shape this winter so stock up.

Healthy lips just became the new fall trend, and it is one that I love because it beats always adding a layer of chapstick over your favourite lipstick.

Eye lashes

There are some fun products out in the mascara category right now. My favourite is the Lift Me Up by Rimmel. It is scented with cucumber which makes it the first mascara to come scented (to my knowledge). It has a unique shaped applicator that reaches my inside and outside lashes easily without changing hands and this makes it my new go-to mascara. Here are some other new fall choices.

What are your new fall favourites? Do you have any all-time favourites that you aren’t will to give up? Share in the comments below.


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