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The Dyson Purifier Challenge is going on from June 30 to July 28. During this time, anyone who purchases a Dyson Air Purifier will receive a free filter replacement (valued at $99.99) before six months of usage. Visit for more information. Out of sight, out of mind rings true with air pollutants, but just [...]

With the price of groceries climbing, many people are trying to find low-cost alternatives to feeding their family while keeping everyone eating healthy. A summer garden is the perfect way to add to your fresh food while saving money. Planning a garden takes time and patience if you want to pack as much as possible [...]

Winter packs a punch in Canada. The cold temperatures, shorter daylight hours and wind drive up energy consumption and, with that, our winter energy bills can skyrocket. These simple tips can help keep your house warm and your monthly bills in check. Regular Furnace Maintenance If you take good care of your home comfort equipment, [...]

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