DIY: crafty gift idea for tea-lovers

I made this up the other day whilst putting together valentines for my children’s classes. I wanted to make something up for the teachers without spending a lot of money. I looked at what I had on hand and put together this little craft that I think is pretty and thoughtful.  Mom’s would love it as well!! 

DIY gift idea for tea lovers on This Bird's Day. Photo copyright Sheri Landry

This is a versatile gift that would fit on different occassions such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, birthdays, Grandparents Day and more.


Loose tea
Tea bags (can get at most tea stores)
Small craft bags (purchased from the dollar store)
Stapler and staples
Tape or glue stick
Card stock (the more colourful the better I say!!) or repurposed card fronts (mine are the covers from some blank cards I had laying around)
Coloured construction paper
Computer and printer for making the labels
Large clear (gift) bag
Special note or card (optional)
Ribbon or twist ties for securing large bag 


Step 1:

Fill tea bags with loose tea. As I was using different flavours, I found it useful to group the tea bags around the tea canister so they didn’t get mixed up. One heaping teaspoon per bag is more than enough especially when trying to fit them into the craft bags in the next step. 


Step 2:

Insert the tea bag into the craft bags (yes it looks a bit sketchy it will get prettier!).  This steps prevents the blending of flavours from the many teas and gives you something to staple the label to. I left the string out of the zipper seal so the tea bags can be easily pulled out for use. You may have to do some adjusting to get it to sit in the craft bag nicely, but don’t focus on it too much, the label will cover it! 


Step 3:

Create your labels by typing the name and ingredients of the tea and printing it on plain white paper. Remember you want it small enough for the label but to still be legible. I used font size 10 and GARAMOND text. I was able to fit 24 labels per sheet 


Cut out labels, I free handed it for a more homemade vibe but a paper cutter could be used for straight edges. Tape or glue labels to the construction paper. Leaving a slight border again cut around the labels. 

Step 4:

Repeat last step with card stock. 


Step 5:

Embellish with stickers, glitter, markers, or whatever you feel like. This is great place for younger kids to help and make the project unique. Just make sure to keep and eye on them so they don’t cover up the words of the label. 


Step 6:

Lastly attach your finished label to the craft bag. Use caution when stapling so as not to catch the tea bag. I stapled above the zipper seal to prevent this.


Step 7:

If your tea bag comes with a string attached, you can cover the label with stickers to make it more personable.

Once this is done for all your tea bags, place in the large plastic gift bag and add your special note or card to the bag if desired. Seal your bag with twist ties or a ribbon.

Make it unique: Pick up tea cups from garage sales or second hand stores and include one cup in the bag with a tag.
Great gift idea for tea lovers on This Bir'ds Day. Photo copyright Sheri Landry

I’ve also included a little printable here for you to download and add to your gift. Please only download for your personal use. Do not sell or upload to share the image. Instead, please link back to this post. Thank you.

teacup vector courtesy abhikreationz on VecteezyClick to Download!


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