Practical gift ideas for grandparents

Search the internet and you will find numerous adorable craft ideas for kids to make for their grandparents. Buying a more practical gift for a grandparent can be a little more challenging.

Practical gift ideas for grandparents. Original photo tashka2000 on fotolia

Here are some ideas for when you want to give something in addition to the photos and crafts.

Art on canvas

So yes, this is like a craft, but have you seen some of the abstract art out there that go for millions of dollars? Pick up a nice canvas from a craft store, and some colours (either grandparent’s favourite, or one that matches with their decor), and spend an afternoon with the kids painting. Kids can either do their own in similar colours (so they match), or everyone can work on one large canvas.

Make it special: You can buy a masking liquid at most craft/art supply stores. You can use it to write a message or everyone’s names. Then you paint. Just as the paint is drying, you peel off the masking liquid to show your message underneath.

Home grocery delivery

For many grandparents, getting out during the dead cold of our winter months can be a challenge. Lack of mobility, transportation, or even the fear of slipping on ice can keep many people inside.

Giving the gift of a home grocery delivery service (often a gift card so they can place an order) can save them the hassle and keep them eating healthy, even in the worst weather.

In Canada, is available in Vancouver, Victoria, Edmonton and Calgary. They offer a large range of groceries and include supplements, gift ideas, health & beauty products and more. We had the chance to try them out and were impressed with the amount of information for each product on their site including ingredient/caloric information, information on the company, and how far the item traveled to the Spud warehouse.

Shipping is free over $35 and it is delivered right to your door. Everything is packaged properly (eg. they use freezer packs and cooling bags, etc). You can create a shopping list, add or remove items from it during the week, and then it submits at a certain time and is sent right to you. The food is fresh and the fruit/vegetables are ripe. We eat a lot of produce and everything was great. You can save an additional $10 off your first order and always shop their weekly deals (chicken can go up to 50% off). Visit them at

Digital Photo Frame

We all love seeing pictures of our loved ones, but seeing the same picture over and over again doesn’t tell the whole story. A digital frame can hold many different pictures, and it is something you can build on and add to every time you visit.

Subscription Box

A subscription box is a one-time, monthly, quarterly (etc) themed box that is sent out to a recipient and carries a number of items. Themes range from anything you can imagine so you can get a box delivered based on your grandparent’s interests. Do they like tea, coffee, chocolate, knitting, painting, reading — the list goes on.

Most areas in Canada get quite snowed in, so this would be especially beneficial for those winter months stuck inside.

Netflix or Next Issue (unlimited magazine subscriptions)

Imagine you are a senior and experts are calling for the coldest winter in decades with snowstorms to match. Those are perfect days to catch up on reading or documentaries and there is so much selection.

Tablet or iPad

If you are looking for a more lavish gift, a tablet can be a real time saver for grandparents. Having access to applications like Skype, Facetime, or even Facebook to see how your kids are growing, can really connect them with their family in this busy age.

Just take an afternoon to show them the basics over a coffee.

Your time

My grandparents are no longer with me, and I miss them all the time. The time you spend with your grandparents (and family) will always feel like it was never enough in the end. A monthly coffee date, a drive out of the city on a nice day, or a trip to a screening of an old or new movie will mean the world and it only costs your time.

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