Table games you can DIY during rainy days

If you ask your children they will say that rainy days are the most boring days because they can’t go out and play. To understand that, we have to imagine what would we do if we were them. Just imagine: you are full of energy but stuck inside in your home and there is not a single toy which can keep you entertained. That is because all of those toys are there all the time and it is our job, as a parent, to find something better and more entertaining.

It is good to think outside the box and that is why I am suggesting you gather the entire family and get involved in some serious DIY! I am not talking about making one game; I am talking about making as many games you can think of! There is no better way to spend rainy days than to make your own games and I have few treats for you

Memory game

The memory game is a good old game you can play with your kids and they can play it alone. That is the best thing about memory, it is a game for one or more. Memory is so easy to do because you have to cut and draw.

*photo courtesy Mark (Foosball Zone)

You will need a cardboard for the project and some scissors. I suggest you do the cutting and cut the cardboard into small rectangles, a size of a business card. The number of rectangles is entirely up to you but I suggest you make it as much as you can so you can play it in large numbers.

When you cut the rectangles, give them to your kids and explain to them that they have to draw some simple cartoon on it and that those cartoons should be in pair. I am sure they won’t say no to such an entertaining task which will fill your entire rainy afternoon.

Tic-Tac- Toe

Tic-Tac- Toe is a game you can play anywhere because you can draw a grid on every piece of paper. But, I want to make it a little more durable and I want you to have it for your children.

*photo courtesy Mark (Foosball Zone)

Draw a grid for the game on a cardboard and glue it on a wooden panel. Grab bottle caps you have in that kitchen drawer and use them as the X and O. I only had red bottle caps so I used my wife’s nail polish to draw X and O on each bottle cap. I believe that nail polish is more durable than other paints. So I decorated 5 bottle caps with green X and 5 bottle caps with silver O. Leave everything to dry and in few minutes you have your own Tic Tac Toe!

DIY foosball

I am a huge fan of foosball, I even have a blog about it so it would be weird if I don’t know how to make foosball table in DIY style.

*photo courtesy Mark (Foosball Zone)

So, for a foosball table DIY, you will need a shoebox, few plastic straws and wooden sticks and clothespins. First, make holes on the shoebox for the rods and the number of holes depends on the size of the box. The rods should be an even number and they should have enough space in the box. The next holes are goals. Make sure that the ball can easily come through. Now, you can ask your children to color the box while you make the rods. You have to fill the straws with wooden sticks because they have to be firm for the game. When your kids are done with the coloring let the box dry and when it is dry, put the rods where they have to be.

Only one thing left to do. Glue clothespins on the rods and let them dry. Congrats you have your own foosball table!

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