How to Manage the Summer Chaos

Today marks the first day of summer break for us. It marks the day that we leave the chaos that is the school year behind and look forward to the chaos that is summer. Here are some tips to help ease you into a summer routine.

How to manage the summer chaos

Encourage your children to get outside

Summer is short and the TV and iPads can wait. Set up play dates, go on walks to discover new things, and head out to your local playground to play. If you are home with the kids this summer, take some time each day to stay on top of your own to-do list and chores.

Set aside so many minutes or hours each day to get your important tasks done as well and let everyone know when that time is. If kids are aware that you will take two hours each morning to do your work and clean the house, they will be ready for it.

Use this time to get to that huge pile of dishes or laundry that has been piling up. To clean all those dirty clothes and remove the grass stains your kids drag in, why not use Arm & Hammer™ Plus OxiClean™ Cold Water Power Paks, an inexpensive and reliable product that will leave your kids clothes looking as good as new.

Stay healthy

With all of the delicious summer foods, barbecues and treats out there. Make sure you always have fruit and vegetables on hand for snacks. Cut them up and put them in the fridge where little fingers can easily grab them.

Take L’il Critters™ Gummy Vites™, a complete multivitamin that any kid will love, to ensure your children are getting all of their essential nutrients!

Keep a routine

Ensure you and your children keep a routine during the summer months. This includes setting times for sleep and waking up. Sleeping in and staying up late are great, but will lead to unproductive days.

Small things like making their bed in the morning and brushing their teeth can get a good schedule going and keep the chaos in check

Arm & Hammer Kid’s Spinbrush and Orajel Flouride and Flouride-Free Toothpastes that tastes great and comes in popular Kids characters such as My Little Pony, Mario, Spiderman and new PAW Patrol to get them brushing all summer long because mom knows when brushing is fun, it gets done.

Get the kids to help with chores

Having an extra set of hands around the house during the summer can be helpful. Talk with your kids and see what type of chores they can help with. I have a list of chores that toddlers can do for those younger kids. – emptying the dishwasher and setting the table are easy tasks that can give you back a few minutes of your day.

Having kids fold the laundry is also a great help, and you can trust what they are folding will receive a better overall clean with OxiClean™ Versatile Stain Remover Powder – which boosts your detergent power to get out even the toughest stains.

What are your biggest tips for managing summer chaos?


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