Tips to get through your next wedding

May usually kicks off the beginning of the wedding season! Whether you’re attending a wedding this summer as a guest, have the honourable task of being included in the wedding party or you’re getting married (congrats!), the thought of cramming multiple weddings, and the prep that goes with them, into your already overflowing schedule seems impossible.


Here are some secrets to enjoying a stress-free wedding season.

Don’t skip your beauty routine

But do skip the expensive waxing appointments. If you want to feel smooth and confident in your most leggy dress at the next wedding you attend, opt for home wax strips over a salon appointment or shaving. The NairTM WAX READY-STRIPS are ready-to-use, just peel and place, no rubbing or warming required. They remove hair from the roots and last for up to 4 weeks.

Feel good, look good.

If you want to look your best, you have to feel your best – and that means wearing what makes you comfortable. Pick a dress and shoes that you won’t be fidgeting in all night so you can dance with confidence.

Show your smile.

A smile is the most beautiful thing! So while you’re smiling your way through the next wedding ceremony and reception, make sure it’s a bright one. You don’t have to spend lots of money on at-home kits or salon procedures to get a pearly-white smile, you just have to pick the right toothpaste.

Arm & HammerTM Truly RadiantTM Clean & Fresh toothpaste is clinically proven to whiten your teeth in five days, deep cleans and provides long-lasting freshness with a cool surge of spearmint, you’ll love.

Post-Wedding Recovery.

Weddings can be tiring. You’ll be sure to feel the negative effects of standing, dancing and minimal sleep the very next morning. If you don’t have the luxury of sleeping in the day after a wedding, be sure to drink lots of water to keep yourself feeling ready for anything.

What’s your secret for making it through wedding season?

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