Is a spring vehicle inspection necessary?

service_inspection_form_kal_tireWhen I got my first car (1988 red Chevy Cavalier), my dad taught me how to own it. Every few months, he would change the oil while I watched, and now and then, I would get an air filter too. He spent a lot of time helping me wash and wax it and reminded me to clean it out, often (I was a messy car owner — still am sometimes).

I always wondered why he cared so much about my little clunker. I mean it was rusting and it just got me around town and to work. He told me once that if I took good care of my car, then I wouldn’t have to buy another one for quite some time; and he was right.

Many of us get our vehicles checked just before winter. We may get winter tires installed, have our battery and fluids tested, and more.

But did you know that it is just important to get your car checked in the spring too?

Think about it, you are coming out of winter; our harshest season. Ice, cold, and water can really beat up a vehicle and there can be some unseen problems beginning to form as a result of the weather and conditions.

Now we go into spring. If the cold months weren’t enough, we are now faced with potholes. If your vehicle is regularly maintained, potholes don’t pose as much of a threat. But if you haven’t had your car in to be checked for awhile, pot holes are like land mines; just waiting for you to drive on the wrong one.

Have you ever seen a vehicle in the middle of the road with one tire bent awkwardly out of line and jammed up into the wheel well? That is caused by not having your vehicle inspected regularly. Yes, it is actually caused by a broken ball joint, but that would have been caught and replaced with regular checkups.

Kal Tire offers their TSI (Total Service Inspection) for FREE. They will inspect your vehicle and give you a print out of your vehicle’s results. You can even choose to take the paper to someone else to compare findings and prices if you like.
Just because you don’t know about a problem, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there. And it doesn’t mean it won’t get worse.
It’s like the tree falling in the forest analogy. If you aren’t there to hear it, does it make a sound? Well, yes it does.
And your vehicle works the same way.
Check out this short video for more tips, and then take your vehicle to Kal Tire for a free TSI. 

Thank you Bill Gardiner and Kal Tire for inviting me out to talk about the benefits of a spring check up. 
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