Things I’m crushing on this fall.

Fall is my favourite season. It’s the beginning of the two best holidays of the year (IMO). The leaves are changing colour, and all of the things I covet seem to be everywhere. Here are the things I am crushing on right now.

Hot Specialty Drinks

When the weather cools, I stock up on the most delicious hot drinks of the season. There’s coffee, tea, hot chocolate and apple cider to name a few. As recently as 10 minutes ago, I was enjoying Keurig’s new Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider. It’s tart and sweet and only 80 calories a cup. It’s made with real apples, a hint of cinnamon and the perfect amount of brown sugar and it contains NO artificial flavours or preservatives. It reminds me of hot apple pie.


Keurig’s Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider is perfect for those cozy fall days. Want a cozy fall night? Add in a little dark rum and a cinnamon stick.

I’ve attached a list of some recipes that you can try using the Green Mountain Hot Apple Cider as well. It’s available now in stores. I just grabbed myself a new box at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday.

Fun Nail Colours

Nail polish is such a great accessory. There are a lot of fun colours and lacquer companies have put out their own fall collections. A change of season is the perfect excuse to add a new nail colour to your arsenal. I think I’m going to go for something subtle and light with a little bit of sheen on my next shopping spree.

Everything PSL

It is the season of pumpkin-spiced everything. There are hits and misses out there, but my absolute top pick for PSL-lovers is my very own Pumpkin Spice Latte Fudge. No good things come easy and it took me three tries to perfect this recipe and it is worth every failed attempt.

img_4674-600x401Inspirational Journals

Going into fall, I take stock of things I accomplished and things I still want to do. Journals are a great way of keeping track of your thoughts, making lists and jotting down your dreams. Nanowrimo is also coming up in November so a journal can also keep ideas for your future novel safe.

And if you are going to write your dreams and goals in a book, why not choose one that motivates you. Here are the journals inspire me (found at Chapter’s).


Stylish Boots

A new season means new shoes — duh. Actually for me, sometimes a new week means new shoes but we’ll just talk about that addiction in a different post. Right now I’m in love with practically any boot that goes with a nice pair of jeans (and a sweater… did I mention I love sweaters yet?)



So what are you waiting for, kick off your stylish new boots and get cozy on your couch in your warm sweater with a journal in one hand and your hot apple cider in your other, perfectly manicured grasp. That is the best way to spend a cool fall day.

What are your favourite fall finds?

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