Descendants Mal, Evie and Maleficent Makeup for Halloween

The movie of the year for our girls has got to be Disney’s Descendants. A modern day take on a combination of classic fairy tales, Descendants follows the children of Maleficent (daughter Mal), Evil Queen (daughter Evie), Jafar (son Jay) and Cruella de Vil (son Carlos).

So guess what my daughters wanted to be for Halloween this year. That’s right, Mal and Evie. At least they didn’t fight over which one got to be which character. In a strange turn of events, they both wanted a different character. Cue the angelic choir, Halloween isn’t going to be a big fight this year.


We have the costumes and are working on makeup (it’s the only time during the year they get to go crazy with makeup) so I thought I’d share everything I picked up. I was able to find everything in one store as well as use some basic things I already had on hand.

The items I had at home (with one exception), and everything I picked up in store were all from London Drugs. I found a makeup kit that contained every colour I needed for the girls, and a little bit for myself as well. Also, I used a BB cream for my girls. They saw me putting it on myself and asked if they could have it too. You don’t need to use it if you don’t want to.


Mal is the daughter of Maleficent in the movie. Her makeup style is very basic. At one point in the movie she even says something along the line of “Is it obvious I don’t wear makeup?” She does get a small makeover in the movie though and her makeup is very light and natural.

mal-descendants-makeupIt worked out well that my youngest wanted to be Mal because her facial features are still fairly small so I can’t do a lot with makeup, and I didn’t want to get too heavy with dark lines around her eyes.

mal_descendants_makeup_london_drugsMal’s makeup (above):

  1. Olay Fresh Effects BB cream in light to medium
  2. Beauty Scene Kit (eyes, lips, cheeks, powder)
  3. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black
  4. Sally Hansen Miracle Gel in Boho a-Go-Go


Evie is the daughter of the Evil Queen from the Snow White fairy tale. Like her mother in the movie, Evie has a desire to be the fairest of them all. Style and fashion are important and her makeup is a little more involved than Mal’s is.


It’s no wonder that my older daughter is drawn to her character. She is curious about makeup and style so it is the perfect fit.

evie_descendants_makeup_london_drugsEvie’s makeup (above):

  1. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in light to medium
  2. Beauty Scene Kit (eyes, lips, cheeks, powder): use the lighter blue eye shadow on the inside of the eyes and the darker shade towards the outside edge. Either lip stick shade shown above is a good fit.
  3. Annabelle Stay Sharp Self Sharpening Waterproof Kohl Eyeliner in Midnight
  4. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black
  5. Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Pacific Blue


So with two daughters that want to be the Descendant’s characters, I guess I’m not going as a pumpkin this year!


Maleficent’s makeup was really fun to put on because they aren’t colours that I would normally wear. The only difference between this photo and what I will wear on Halloween is I will be adding more black liner around my eyes and putting on fake eyelashes to vamp up the look. There are some nice lashes in the NYY Wicked line. Since her look is a little more elaborate, I will include some notes, below.

maleficent_makeup_london_drugs_revisedMaleficent’s makeup (above):

  1. Olay Fresh Effects BB Cream in light to medium
  2. NYX Wonder Stick in Universal: In the movie, Maleficent has a lot of contouring to make her cheeks look more sunken in. This is a great contouring stick for that job. The dark can be spread in the hollows of the cheek and the lighter shade can be used to highlight the surrounding area.
  3. Beauty Scene Kit: I didn’t really need much in this kit, but since I had it for the girls, I used the brown shade for my eyebrows, and the purple shade to add to my colour.
  4. NYX Eye Shadow Base: I used this as a base on my lips to get them to look darker. This is also a great item to have on had to make your shadows look a little darker.
  5. NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Purple Velvet: I used this on both my lips and my eyes. On my lips, I put it on top of the shadow base (above). It created a nice dark purple lip outline.
  6. NYX Cosmic Metals Lip Cream in Ultraviolet: I am in love with this lip cream. It is the perfect shade for Maleficent’s lips. Add this to your lips on top of your shadow base and eye pencil.
  7. CoverGirl Clump Crusher Mascara in Very Black
  8. Essie Nail Polish in Devil’s Advocate: A really dark, almost black purple. It’s the perfect fit for Maleficent’s costume. If you want to be really authentic, Maleficent has one nail painted a lime green in the movie. A close match is Reggae and Rum, also in the Essie collection.


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  • Betty Oct 22, 2016, 3:49 pm

    Fantastic costumes! You all look so great! I am sure you will have a wonderful night! Will have to FaceTime when you are all dresses and ready to go! Hugs & kisses, love you!