Halloween Trick or Treat Tips

The witches and pirates (and probably way too many Elsa and Annas) will be out in full force on Halloween. It is such a high-energy night for the little ones and after it is all said and done, kids everywhere are left with a giant pile of treats.

Here are some Halloween trick or treat tips to help you and your little ones enjoy the night.

Tips for a successful Halloween Trick or Treat. Photo credit to Mariusz Blach on Fotolia

Involve kids in the decorating

Small kids may be frightened of some houses on Halloween. Help them recognize decorations for what they are. Have your kids help you set up your house for Halloween so they can see and handle the ghosts and goblins.

Last minute candy shopping

Save your wallet and your waistline by picking up your Halloween candy either the day before or day of Halloween. I don’t know about you, but candy sitting in my house for more than 24 hours is as good as gone.

If you wait until Halloween day, you can often get a good deal as stores try to clear their stock quickly to make space for holiday decorations.

Choose an easy dinner

Let’s face it, kids are excited on Halloween. They don’t want to sit around while you take your time to make a big meal. Choose simple, easy to make meals, reheat leftovers, or order in. Your time can be better spent helping with costumes or watching a Halloween movie before the kids head out.

Give the little ones a head start

Trick or treating usually starts around 6:00pm in our area. This is when it first gets dark and dinner is over. It is also when the really young kids come out. If you are much older and can stay out later, wait until after 7:30pm before heading out.

I love seeing kids of all sizes out on Halloween and often it is the teenagers who have the most unique costumes but it is tough seeing a two year old trying to walk up our walkway in a costume only to be passed by a group of big kids.

If you are out earlier just be mindful of the young kids as most of them will only make it to a handful of houses before getting tired and going home.

Have a plan

It’s been a year since they last went out trick or treating. Remind young kids how it works from walking up to the house to yelling trick or treat, then saying thank you and moving on.

Talk about where they are going to go and what streets they want to walk down and how there will be others who are also dressed up on their route. A small reminder can help kids adjust to the night easily.

You can also talk about when it is time to come home for a break or at the end of the evening and how much of a warning you will give them.

Remember your (and your child’s) teeth

If there ever was a day to remember to brush teeth, Halloween is it. Get rid of the day’s sugar-carnage with proper brushing techniques before turning in.

  • The best way to clean your teeth is to hold the brush at a 45-degree angle using short strokes and an up and down motion. This helps remove any plaque or bacteria that can build up on the teeth and gums.
  • Brush for a minimum of two minutes to thoroughly remove plaque and combat bad breath.
  • Be gentle and avoid brushing too hard. Make sure the entire mouth gets cleaned by brushing the outer and inner tooth surfaces, back molars, and by doing a few passes over the tongue, a popular spot for bacteria.
  • Lastly, how old is your toothbrush? If the bristles are starting to separate or look frayed it is probably time for a new one. Three to four months is usually a good guideline for toothbrush longevity. Check out these new SpinBrush Kids Battery Toothbrush designs.

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