Tricks to Get Through Halloween

Halloween horrors aren’t just reserved for haunted houses. From finding the perfect costume for your little one to limiting the candy they consume, Halloween can be a frightful time of year for any parent! But with these tricks up your sleeve, this spooky time of year will be so much more of a treat.

Start by avoiding the costume craze

Forego the overpriced costumes and consider finding a second-hand costume or creating your own from scratch using pieces from thrift shops or stuff you may have stored away. It’s an inexpensive and fun way for you and your child to create a costume together. Just don’t forget to wash them before you wear them. Whether it’s second-hand pieces or just old clothes, you want to have them looking and smelling like new.

Tip: Costumes go on sale the day after Halloween and you can save up to 90%. Now’s the time to stock up on small things like fun wigs, makeup, accessories and possible outfits for next year.

I suggest using Arm & Hammer Plus OxiClean Power Paks in Fresh Scent. The freshening and deodorizing properties of Arm & Hammer detergent, combined with the stain-fighting power of OxiClean, will bring your used clothes back from the dead (pun intended!).

Keep the candy consumption in check

I don’t know about your kids, but ours come home with pillowcases full of candy. We have a tradition in our home that our kids look forward to (I overheard my oldest excitedly telling her cousin about it over the weekend).

Our girls can eat their haul, in moderation throughout the week, then after 5 – 7 days, we make a trade. They each get ten dollars in exchange for the rest of their candy, then they can hit the dollar store and buy items like crafts and toys with their money.

I save the chocolate for my Leftover Halloween Chocolate Fudge recipe then usually throw out the rest.


Speaking of sugary treats, now’s a good time to remind you that according to the Canadian Dental Association, children should be thoroughly brushing their teeth twice a day for two to three minutes each time, once in the morning and before bedtime to get rid of any germs and sugars that cause cavities.

Pro tip: Get your kids excited about their oral care routine by coordinating their brush and toothpaste with some of their favourite cartoon characters like Orajel PAW Patrol or My Little Pony Anticavity Fluoride Toothpaste and Manual Toothbrush. Try sneaking in one of these special toothbrushes while you’re handing out candy – it’s a fun treat for kids and parents will thank you!

What are some of your favourite Halloween tips, tricks or treats? Share them with us!

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