Get Your Glitter On… and Off with OPI

I have a love/hate relationship with glitter (or sparkle) nail polish. I love putting it on; I hate taking it off.

What’s not to love about glitter. It goes on easy. It covers up imperfections and ‘user-error’. It’s shiny. If some of it chips or smears off, you can just put another coat on. No need to worry about bumps showing up when your nails dry. So what’s not to love?

Well, up until about a month ago, it was the removal. It took forever to get glitter off my nails and, in the end, I usually just ended up scraping it off with one of my nails.

Now, OPI has come out with a base coat specifically for glitter. New ‘Glitter Off’ Peelable Base Coat does pretty much as it’s name indicates. It comes in a white coloured base coat that dries clear. Once it is dry, just put your glitter polish on as you normally would. When you want to remove the polish, simply peel up an edge and remove it like it was a sticker.


Since receiving this base coat, I have been revisiting my old glitter lacquers and applying and removing like crazy. Not only that, but OPI also has a couple of collections out right now that go really well with this new base coat.

OPI Spotlight on Glitter
This is a new collection of OPI’s best and brightest sparkling lacquers. The line showcases OPI’s most popular metallic and holographic lacquers in various colours. I noticed in this collection that they brought back to great shades from previous limited edition collections. The first is called ‘You Pink Too Much’ was originally called ‘Pink Yet Lavender’ from the Mariah Carey Collection that was released in January 2013. I have both lacquers and I can’t find any differences (see image below).


The second is called ‘Desperately Seeking Sequins’ which looks like the lacquer that was originally called ‘Which is Witch?’ from the Oz the Great and Powerful limited edition collection that was released in March 2013. So if you were a fan of either of these, you are in luck. opi-spotlight-on-glitter.jpg

The complete collection, available starting March 2014, from left to right are: Blush Hour, Chasing Rainbows (pictured first below), Desperately Seeking Sequins, I Reached My Gold!, Rose of Light (pictured second below), You Pink Too Much



Muppets Most Wanted
Eight new, movie-inspired, limited edition lacquers are out for the new upcoming Muppets Most Wanted movie. The glitters are nice on their own or paired together with a solid colour.


Pictured above is Miss Piggy’s Big Number as the base with Muppets World Tour on top. Below is Let’s Do Anything We Want on its own.


 The collection is available starting this month and it is a limited edition collection.


This lacquers i this collection (pictured above) from left to right are: Muppets World Tour, Miss Piggy’s Big Number, I Love Applause, Let’s Do Anything We Want, Kermit Me To Speak, Gaining Mole-mentum, Int’l Crime Caper, and Chillin’ Like A Villain.

You can pick both of these collections up at professional salons and spas across the country. Check for availability.

Disclosure: Samples were provided for this feature. Opinions are not influenced as a result of these provided samples.

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