Savings Jars for Kids DIY Craft Project

I was cleaning out our basement the other day while getting ready for a garage sale and came across a box of unused mason jars. I decided they would be perfect for a DIY project for the kids to use as their saving jars.

If your children are like mine, they need something visual to keep them excited and stimulated. While we have the traditional “piggy-banks” at our house, my kids tend to lose interest in collecting because they are unable to see how much they have saved up – out of sight, out of mind!

What a great way to get your child excited about saving!

It was easy and fun to do in three easy steps.

Supplies Needed

Mason JarsLabels (or paper to cut out to make labels, will need tape if the labels are not self-adhesive)
Stamps or pen to label jars
Ribbon (can also use stickers, glitter, anything you have on hand)

Savings Jars for Kids supplies.jpg


Step 1: I gave each child 3 mason jars to be used for the following: Savings; Treats; & Doing Good. You can use as many (or less) jars as you like.

Step 2: We made fancy labels for each jar and had the kids write on the labels what each jar was for. This is where you can get really creative. Include your kids and make each jar special.

Step 3: Start saving!  Sort the money collected for birthdays, holidays, chores etc.


Now your kids can watch their savings grow!

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