Green changes that will save you money

A list of green changes that you can make that will save you money. Original photo copyright © Melpomene on fotoliaPeople are sometimes afraid about going green because they fear it will be hard on their wallets – as organic foods and green alternatives seem to be pricier than conventional products. There are actually a lot of green changes you can make that will save you a lot of money.


Who decided that people and things need to smell “nice” all the time? If you really want a scent, consider using essential oils instead, which are best used diluted, so you will get a lot more bang for your buck then buying an expensive perfume.


Disposable products were made for the sake of convenience. We all need a little convenience in our lives in order to keep our sanity, but consider ditching some of your disposable products to save the environment AND your money. Reusable cloth snack bags can replace plastic bags, cloth  towels can replace paper towels.

Buy second-hand

Going into a thrift shop sometimes gets a bad rap because people assume they will be full of junk that nobody wants. The old adage “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure” really applies to thrift stores! How many of you have gone through a “purge” of your possessions and just filled bags to donate to a charity because you just wanted it out of your house?

You never know what treasures you’ll find at a thrift store, and I think I can say that 75% of the time, we come out with something awesome. I also love local swap pages where you can buy and sell directly in your community; you can get things in great condition for a fraction of the retail price!


There are so many things you can DIY to save money these days! Everything from cleaning products to beauty products, home decor and clothing – just browse Pinterest a bit and you will be overwhelmed with the possibilities.

Fear not! Commit to trying 1 or 2 DIY things a month to see if you like it and whether it’s worth your time to save some cash by doing it. I’ve been saving money by DIY-ing my own hair care and face care products (and I know exactly what’s in them).


In our digital age, there are lots of devices and things plugged in that are sucking energy all the time. Think about unplugging, setting things on timers or replacing energy hogs to save some energy as well as money. Find more tips on Juicy Green Mom.

What green changes can you make to save money?

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