I’ve been down in Antigua since Sunday afternoon and last night I got a little homesick so I decided to throw together a version of my spaghetti with homemade sauce. I stopped by the local grocery store and grabbed everything I needed, and a bottle of wine and I was ready to go. Ingredients 1 [...]

My daughter and I were snacking on some Goldfish Pretzels last week when I asked her where she thought they would like to swim. “In chocolate?” was her response and this gave me an idea. After a trip to the grocery store, we decided to test her theory out with fudge. I mean, I would [...]

If you like this recipe, check out our Chocolate Roasted Pumpkin Seeds recipe. Have you picked up your pumpkin to carve yet? This year make sure to hold on to your seeds so you can make Roasted Pumpkin Seeds. Pumpkin seeds make great snacks that are rich in fiber as well as vitamins B and [...]