Best Cat and Dog Pet Costumes for Halloween

Wondering what to dress up your four-legged family member as for Halloween? You aren’t the only one. We decided to go to the source and poll three pet owners of our own to tell us what their favorite pet costumes were for Halloween this year.

Lucky for us, we have three close pet owners who rose to the challenge. A cat, small dog, and large dog owner weighed in and we have our top three choices in each category to help give you some ideas.

Are you a cat owner?

If you are, then you will agree with me when I say that dressing up a cat can be both funny and scary at the same time.

Pet costume tip: Cat costumes can’t be too elaborate, or have anything hanging too far off the body that can be hooked with nails and ripped off in mere seconds. Your costume should be comfortable and easy to put on within one minute as felines are not known for their patience (you know what I’m talking about fellow cat owners).

Our top three cat costumes are:
3. Pirate Costume
2. Cowboy/girl Costume
1. Fairy Costume (with Tutu)

Cat Halloween Costume.jpg

Are you a small dog owner?

The options for dog costumes is larger than for cats and include more detailed outfits. Many owners will take their dogs out trick or treating with the kids and there are some great costume options for cooler climates.

Pet costume tip: Shop at a store that will allow you to take your pet in with you to get them sized for the best fit. Sizing can vary and you only want to make one trip out to the store.

Our top three small dog costumes are:

3. Spider Costume
2. Disney’s Eeyore Costume
1. Bee Costume


“This Halloween Dazee will be a Bumblebee and she looks absolutely adorable. The quality of the costume is top notch and the price was extremely affordable. The costume is soft and sparkly and she will be the cutest, best-dressed little bee on the block!” says Holly with In Holly’s Words.

Are you a large dog owner?

Dogs can usually wear the same type of costumes regardless of their size however there are some costumes that look better on a larger dog and vice versa.

Pet costume tip: If you are ordering online, and are not sure of the exact size, it is better to order a size larger than you think. Most costumes can be easily taken in. It is harder to let a costume out.

Our top three large dog costumes are:

3. Prisoner Costume
2. Batgirl Costume
1. Dynamite Costume

Large Dog Halloween Costume.jpg

What are you dressing your pet up as for Halloween?

Disclosure: Thank you to PetSmart for working with us to feature our top picks for pet costumes this Halloween. Our top pic in each category was received in order to take our photos for this post.

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