When I was a kid, my favourite books were adventure books where you read along as the main character solved their way through the chapters to unlock the big mystery at the end of the story. I feel I need to share this because I’ve just reviewed the first chapter of what will be a [...]

Summer vacation will be officially upon us in one week’s time. I look forward to it with a bit of excitement and a bit of uncertainty. I am happy to get out of the routine of getting up early, and packing everyone for the day. I’ll enjoy our time in the yard playing in the [...]

With the warm weather comes picnic season. A chance to take your lunch outside and enjoy some time with the family. Whether you are heading out or staying home, picnics are a fun way to enjoy time together and make some lasting memories. Here are some no-fail tips to get you going: Pack in the [...]

Minions crafts for kids

Is anyone else getting excited for the July release of the new Minions movie? Well, you aren’t alone. In fact you are in great company. Kinder is celebrating the theatrical release with 11 new, limited edition Minion toys inside specially marked Kinder Eggs. Head over to the Kinder Facebook page to see what the toys [...]

There are roughly seven more weeks left of school and our kids will be all ours for the summer. Our girls are at an age where they can play a lot of the day on their own and my role is moving into a supervisory one versus my old role as primary entertainer. So I [...]

I have been feeling bad for our cat lately. Our winter is long to us, but I imagine it feels like a lifetime to our little cat who longs for days laying in our garden. We’ve been lucky in Edmonton this year with above average temperatures and even some days sitting nicely on the plus [...]

Growing up, a Kinder Egg was always a fun surprise. I opened up the egg, put together my toy, then played with it as I ate the chocolate and contemplated how they could possibly make it with both white and milk chocolate without it breaking. It’s how I rolled. I’m thankful for those times that [...]

As of August, our family has only one cat. Ozzie is her name, and she has been with us since she was only a couple of hours old. After getting over our loss, we began to worry about Ozzie. She was always around other cats and she looked lonely. We worried about her happiness and [...]

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