sponsored post Skates, helmets and tournaments – oh my, it must hockey season! Between driving your hockey superstar to endless practices, organizing fundraisers and maintaining equipment, there’s no denying that being a hockey parent is a busy – and rewarding – job. The team camaraderie is infectious and seeing your little one’s determination on the [...]

We’ve all been there? You hit a point in your mothering adventure and you are blind-sided by something that comes up. Shocked, you reach out to tell your friends (who are also mothers), only to find that it has happened to every single mother out there — everyone just forgot to mention it to you. [...]

There are roughly seven more weeks left of school and our kids will be all ours for the summer. Our girls are at an age where they can play a lot of the day on their own and my role is moving into a supervisory one versus my old role as primary entertainer. So I [...]

The End of an Era

Okay, the title is a little dramatic, but I think it fits. Last Monday, our daughter just went for it. No more diapers. I’d like to tell you that we found some magic trick, but it just happened. Our youngest daughter, at two years and nine months old just decided that she was ready to [...]

My husband went shopping with our oldest daughter this afternoon to get a present for her cousin and to run some other errands. They ended up going to a very popular toy store here in Canada (and probably in the US too). I stayed home to get some things done and to spend some time [...]

I Wish for You

Tonight, I stood over my three year old daughter, then my five month old daughter and watched them sleep and I found myself listing things that I wished for them in my head. I just wanted to share. I wish that you find friends as loving as you are. I wish that you have many [...]