Have you ever looked at your dog and wondered what breed he/she really is? Or thought about what other breeds make up your canine family member? I mean other than the breed(s) you are positive they are. A dog’s breed can determine many things including appearance, common health concerns, training preference, energy levels and even [...]

How to make a ‘pup’sicle

Summer days can get pretty hot around here. At least that’s what I think and I don’t have a permanent fur coat on. I can’t even begin to imagine what it feels like for our canine companion. Here’s a fun treat that dogs are sure to love when temperatures rise. How to make a ‘pup’sicle [...]

I have been feeling bad for our cat lately. Our winter is long to us, but I imagine it feels like a lifetime to our little cat who longs for days laying in our garden. We’ve been lucky in Edmonton this year with above average temperatures and even some days sitting nicely on the plus [...]

As of August, our family has only one cat. Ozzie is her name, and she has been with us since she was only a couple of hours old. After getting over our loss, we began to worry about Ozzie. She was always around other cats and she looked lonely. We worried about her happiness and [...]

How Cats Think…

This is Oz (Ozzy), one of our rescue cats, and this pretty much sums it up. With the colder weather and the snow, the cats have all been inside for most of their days and (only 1 week into winter) they are already showing signs of cabin fever. It’s going to be a long winter…

In January, we gave away one of the kittens from the rescue cat that we took in. I felt so bad taking a child away from it’s mother. When it happened, my husband tried to comfort me and said “Don’t worry, she won’t remember she gave birth”. “What?” I retorted incredulously, “A mother never just [...]

About four weeks ago now, I was sitting in my kitchen making a list when I noticed a little tabby cat outside of our deck door looking in. I’m calling it a tabby, but it was orange with white, anyway, back to my story. I thought nothing of the cat, there are a couple of [...]

If you came here because you did a search on the words in my title and you are looking for answers, or for a post that is going to make you feel better, this is not it. I’m where you are right now. How do you make the decision to put a pet down? We [...]