Tips to pack the perfect picnic

With the warm weather comes picnic season. A chance to take your lunch outside and enjoy some time with the family. Whether you are heading out or staying home, picnics are a fun way to enjoy time together and make some lasting memories.

Tips to pack the perfect picnic
Here are some no-fail tips to get you going:

Pack in the order you eat

Packing dessert on top is never a good idea. First, once kids see the treat, they often don’t want to eat the meal. Packing your desserts on the bottom will save the best for last.

Are you worried that your dessert will get squished? It’s a valid concern for everyone involved, but you can save yourself the worry by using a hard container like GLAD Lunch To Go and FreezerWare containers. The containers keep their shape and protect what is inside so desserts can be safely packed on the bottom of your bag.

If you are planning to have some play time before you eat, pack a light snack and some water near the top or in an outside compartment of your bag so kids can snack if they are getting impatient.

Pack a wet towel

Clean up while you are on a picnic is tough when you don’t have the comforts of your kitchen. Pack a damp/wet cloth in GLAD Storage Bags for easy access.

If it is a particularly hot day, put the freezer bag with wet cloth in the freezer. You can use it as a cooling pack before you need to use it to clean up spills and messy faces.

Pack a healthy range of food

Picnics are so much fun, and the food is almost limitless. Remember to pack a range of fruit, vegetables, cheese, nuts, sandwiches, and (yes) treats. Pack everything in a cooler bag and/or use cooling packs to keep your food at a good temperature. You can properly store soft fruit in GLAD containers to keep them fresh and firm, and bring out the treats at the end.

Always remember to pack some water or other liquid to go with the meal to keep kids hydrated.

Save your extra food

If you have leftovers, put your GLAD freezer containers and bags to good use. Properly store your extras in the fridge or freezer for future use to cut back on waste.

Use Glad storage containers and bags to properly store your food.

Pack the necessities

Sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, tissue/wipes, anything to keep you and your picnic guests safe and having fun.

Take a camera

Capture those memories and have fun. Or better yet, give your old camera to the kids and let them take pictures of their favourite things.

Did we miss any tips for the perfect picnic? Share them below.

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