TD Summer Reading Club is back, and it’s FREE!

Summer vacation will be officially upon us in one week’s time. I look forward to it with a bit of excitement and a bit of uncertainty. I am happy to get out of the routine of getting up early, and packing everyone for the day. I’ll enjoy our time in the yard playing in the water, making crafts on the deck, visiting with grandparents, and going on some mini adventures around the city.

But that is about it. We didn’t register for any camps, and this is where I hesitate to get too excited for our long days together.

As a parent, summer camps can cost a fortune. If you didn’t plan to save for your summer camps early, then that amount of cash in a lump sum can really pack a punch.

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Students from McKernan School with Lisa Colangelo, Vice-President, Edmonton District, TD Bank Group; Dr. Guy Berthiaume, Librarian and Archivist of Canada, Library and Archives Canada; Josée Bisaillon, award-winning illustrator; and, Lisa Heggum, Child and Youth Advocate, Toronto Public Library.

 When my daughter asked me if she could sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club, I was all too happy to get on board.

Now on its 18th year, TD Bank Group has encouraged millions of children to visit their local library to experience the joy of reading through the TD Summer Reading Club. The program is designed to help children develop a passion for reading, while helping maintain their literacy skills during the summer.

Every year more than 2,000 public libraries across Canada offer family-friendly programs to help 700,000 children continue to read throughout the summer. Last year, more than 1.2 million books were read through the program. ​

From my point of view, she can continue with her reading level without a big break to set her back, and I have some activities during the summer months to keep us busy. That, and I picture all of us sitting in their fort with our own books on a quiet afternoon. Sign me (oops, ‘her’) up.

Just signed up for the TD Summer Reading Club.

From her point of view, there are prizes. Plain and simple, once she heard that, she was on board.[Tweet “Sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club at libraries across Canada this summer.”]The TD Summer Reading Club is free and easy to join. We went to our local library and signed up on the spot. You will receive a kit when you sign up that includes a reading notebook, 12 collectable stickers, and a fun ‘fortune teller’ to help kids set their reading goals, track their progress and explore the benefits of reading .Other resources you can take advantage of in this program include:

  • programs and activities organized at their local library.
  • access to where kids can discover new books to read, write a book review, enjoy e-books, share jokes, write a story, learn how to draw, track their reading and connect with kids across the country.
  • a list of the Top 20 Recommended Reads for Summer Play which was developed by children’s librarians and includes 10 English and 10 French books by Canadian authors to help kids of any age or reading ability get started on their summer reading adventures.

My favourite feature is the tracking and rewards. Kids can log in online and track the books they read, add up their time, collect badges, and even be entered to win some pretty great prizes. Check at your local library to see which grand prizes are available in your city.

Reading to her little sister and getting her hours in for the TD Summer Reading Club.I have always been an advocate for visiting your local library. You can take out so much and the summer is the perfect time to kick back with a good book, or take out a DVD for those rainy days. They also have an extensive collection of games for XBox, PlayStation, Wii, and more.

Keep the love of literacy alive in your home during the summer and your child’s transition into the next grade will be an easier one in the fall.

To sign up for the TD Summer Reading Club, visit your local library. For more information, visit and

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