An Apology Letter to My Sister

After what might be considered as an epic, emotional weekend between our two daughters, I thought I would take a quick break to remember that these are growing pains, that it happens in most family dynamics, and we will get through this.

In reflecting and wishing for the strength to squish the urge to pack my things and move out, I’ve realized that I owe a letter of apology to my sister (and she probably owes one to me) for things we’ve done that we no longer remember.

1978: Me at 5 years old with my younger sister.

1978: Me at 5 years old with my younger sister.

So taking my daughters as an example. This is what my letter to my younger sister should probably look like.

Dear Sis,

I am really sorry that I told on you – All. The. Time. I should have realized that you already had a mother who knew how to do ‘her job’, and I didn’t need to take on that role with such passion. I am also sorry that I pointed out everything I did right while, what I was really trying to point out was everything you did wrong. I’m sorry I gave you a pillow, only to get you attached to it then turn around and stake my claim to it under the ‘I had it first’ clause. Legalities can be such a bitch some times.

I’m sorry I named my teddy bear ‘That’s Mine’ and screamed her name really loud every time you even looked at her funny. Actually, I’m sorry I named everything that.

I’m sorry I offered you up to take a bath first and fought my position so fiercely knowing that, at 2 years old, your vocabulary was limited so you couldn’t defend yourself, and to drive my point home I burst into a diva-like crying fit and threw myself on my bed. I really should have gone into acting.

I should have appreciated you more then, like I do now, but I was too busy protecting my prized possessions (that I no longer own or even remember) from your stinky fingers. You were always so grabby.

I love you, and again, I’m sorry.
Signed, Me

That would probably just scratch the surface, but there you go.

Also, taking my daughters’ relationship as an example, I’m absolutely positive I should be getting a letter of apology from my little sister soon too.

2013: My oldest at 5 years old with her younger sister.

2013: My oldest at 5 years old with her younger sister.

And just so my mother, who reads this, doesn’t feel ignored. I already know I owe you a boat load of apologies. I can’t even begin to write that one.

Sheri Landry
Sheri publishes, and writes at This Bird's Day where she shares all of the thoughts in her head without the voices. Sticking mainly with content for Canadians, Sheri shares family stories, product information and anything that fits into her (and her family's) daily activities.
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