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Is there such a thing as loving your website but wanting to change everything about it? I get some wonderful comments on my site and I love being here, but in the same vein — I want to be there (points to somewhere random in front of me). Last week I got an email from [...]

100 days

Yesterday marked the 100th day that I did something for myself. I didn’t really announce I was doing it, or talk about it as it was happening, but it was my goal to do something small each day for 100 days to reconnect with myself and to remind myself of small messages that sometimes get [...]

I was just chatting with (in my opinion) some of the best women anyone would be lucky enough to call their friends, and the topic of our birthdays when we were young came up. This got me thinking about a couple of things. The first is that (and I’m going to brag a little here), [...]

I’ve been mulling over a story I read a couple of days ago about the CEO of a company who wrote an article on where she apologizes to all of the mothers that she used to work with. In the article, she talks about moments where she never stood up for mothers on her [...]

When Winter Wins

I feel like I need to write this post, partly because I don’t want to suffer in silence, but mostly because I don’t remember feeling this way last year and I want something to look back on a year from now and either feel justified in my convictions, or corrected. I was having a conversation [...]

Our family had a fun Valentine’s Day together but all day long, I had the feeling I was forgetting something. Dinner was prepared and little tokens of love were bought and made, but something was missing. Or someone. It wasn’t until I was sitting on our daughter’s bed, reading her an Olivia Valentine’s book that [...]

At about the same time the snow began to fly last fall, we started to go through our home room by room and we began our first wave of downsizing. It began smoothly. We started on the top floor, so most of it either needed to go to another room, or was put in our [...]

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