Stocking Stuffer Traditions and Ideas

The excitement is at an all time high around or house and we still have two more sleeps to go.

We are enjoying all of our traditions and creating new ones. All of those little moments that become such an important part of our holidays. Last night, I sorted our stocking stuffers. I realized that even some of those little gifts have become tradition.

Growing up, I loved going through my stocking. It was after I opened all of my gifts and the best stuff was in there. I took my time and looked slowly at every single item.

Holiday themed limited Edition KINDER Eggs
My most memorable items that I received in my stocking as a kid  had to be KINDER Eggs, a PEZ dispenser, and a mandarin orange (always in the toe of my stocking). My favourite item was the KINDER Egg. After all of my gifts were unwrapped, I still had a surprise to go when I opened up my egg to find my little toy inside.

Now, I get to fill up our girls’ stockings. I have such a long list of go-to items for them that I am never at a loss for what to buy. If you are looking for some extra ideas, here is a list that we go with each year.

Stocking stuffer ideas for girls

  • KINDER Eggs (limited edition holiday theme this year)
  • year-end magazine (either stories or celebrities of the year, for their memory box)
  • chapstick
  • stickers
  • Hair elastics, barrettes, and bands
  • toothbrush or floss
  • small-sized notebook
  • pencils
  • game books (tic tac toe, crosswords, maze games)
  • earring stickers (little jeweled sticker dots you can put on your ears instead of earrings)
  • note cards (our girls love drawing in cards and giving them to each other)
  • bookmarks
  • Play-doh
  • dress-up jewelery

What do you put in your stockings every year?

Other fun items out just in time for Christmas include the KINDER Surprise MAXI Egg that offers a large toy, the KINDER Hollow Santa, A fun Advent Calendar that has a chocolate surprise for every day leading up to Christmas, and a KINDER Santa train that can be given as one gift, or separated into four.


Disclosure: I am a #KINDERMom ambassador and this
post is part of my program. Opinions are my own.

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