Over 60 Stocking Stuffer Ideas

The stocking stuffers we exchange with our family is usually the one thing I forget about until the very end. Then I’m left to run around, frantically looking for stuff to stuff. Not this year.

This year, I tried something a little different for my stocking stuffers. I ordered everything online, from one store, and I got most of it on sale.

Over 60 stocking stuffer ideas. Original photo credit Vitaliy on fotolia.

Here is a list of over 60 stocking stuffer suggestions and their exact URL to make your stocking stuffer shopping a breeze. To save on shipping, everything was purchased from one store, London Drugs, and it was done while I was in my pjs, wine in hand, watching a movie (I’m that talented).

NOTE: Products listed with a (*) are on sale as of posting. They are listed as ‘while quantities last’ and the item may be either discontinued, or the sale may end. If there is no quantity choice available, then they are now sold out online and only available in stores so get them while you can.

Women’s beauty


1. *Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Nail Polish: Listed on sale for $2.99 (reg $3.49) this lacquer is available in 25 different shades online. This is a great price for polish and they look exactly as pictured (I ordered three different shades of these: Rockstar Pink, Hot Tamale and Golden

2. Rimmel Keep Calm Lip Balm: Regular price is $3.99, available in 4 shades

3. *John Frieda Frizz Ease Forever Smooth Trio: On sale for $3.99 (reg $7.99). Winter takes its toll on hair, at this price, give this gift together, or split it among a few stockings. Also available in Luxurious, and Beach Blonde.

4. EOS Hand Lotion: Reg price $2.49. Available in cucumber, berry blossom and fresh flowers scent.

5. *got2b Mind Blowing Ionic Power Mouse: On sale for $4.99 (reg $6.99). I like to add a couple of larger items in my stocking to fill them up faster. This is a new product on the market and I enjoy getting new things to try in my stocking. Nice scent and they reduce drying time and offer a great alternative to a salon blowout. You can view the other products in this line by searching ‘got2b mind’ in the search bar on the site.

6. Blistex Fruit Smoothies Lip Balm (4 pack): At $3.99, this is a fabulous price for a 4-pack of lip balms that can easily be separated to fill up to 4 stockings.

7. *ChapStick Mixstix Lip Balm: On sale for $2.49 (reg $3.49) this is a unique twist on the regular lip balm you get in your stocking. Featuring a flavour at each end, you can use them on their own or mix them together to create a third flavour. Lucky family members are getting this from me this year. Available in Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Lemon Berry Sorbet.

8. EcoTools Mini Essentials Holiday Set (3-piece): Regular price $6.99. This mini set makes a great travel kit or extra set.

9. EcoTools Eye Enhancing Duo Set (4 brushes): Great value for the regular price of $5.99. Set includes four brushes on two handles. This is a great stocking stuffer for someone who needs a second set or who would like to better organize their makeup kit (less brush number laying around).

10. e.l.f. Studio Endless Eyes Pro Mini Eye Shadow Palette: At a regular price of $7.99, you get 32 shades in one palette. Great for traveling or taking along in your purse. Available in Natural and Everyday shades.

11. Salon Boards Nail Files: Regular price is $1.69 each and they come in different styles.

12. *Freeman Barefoot Buttercream: On sale for $3.99 (reg $4.99) this comes in a nice lime and coconut scent. Reminds me of summer.

13. Sally Hansen French Manicure White Tip Pen: Regular price $5.99. This pen allows you to create a french manicure quickly.

14. Kiss Nail Artist Rhinestone Accents: Regular price $5.99, this package includes over 150 stickers and stones to dress up those nails.

15. Kiss Design Perfection Tip Guides: Regular price $4.99. This package has 86 guides in four different styles to make various designs on your nails including chevron, sweetheart and french manicure.

16. Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue: Regular price is $4.99. This medicated lip balm comes in six different shades.

17. Kleenex Wallet Pack: At 89 cents each, these make great stocking stuffers because everyone needs a Kleenex now and then. Buy on their own, or pick up the Kleenex 6-pack at $2.99 and they become 50 cents each.


18. Lip Balms: Pictured above, available at $2.99, these are a great stocking stuffer ideas for kids. Their lips get dry during the winter too and how cool is it to have your favourite character there to help them out. Shows available online: Monster High, Spiderman, Hello Kitty and Minions.


19. *Facial Masks and Peels: Pictured above, ranging in price from .99 to $2.99, and some of these are on sale right now. There are a wide variety of masks available. Just search for Montagne Jeunesse on the London Drugs website for all options.

There are a lot of lip balms, nail polishes and decals on the London Drugs website. These listed above are my top picks because of their price, quality and fit for stocking stuffing. Check the site for more options.

Mens Grooming


20. Nivea for Men Active Care Lip Care – Regular price $2.29. The main difference between men’s and women’s lip balm is the shine that goes along with it. This men’s lip balm takes care of dried lips without the shine.

21. *L’Oreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic Comfort Max Lip Balm – On sale for $2.99 (reg $3.99). This balm hydrates and nourishes men’s dry lips without the shine.

22. *London Look Sisal and Terry Bath Mitt– On sale for $1.99 (reg $5.99). This shower accessory has two sides.

23. Gillette Foamy – Regular price $1.99. A travel size of shaving cream always seems to find it’s way into my husband’s stocking each year.

24. *Pacific All Natural Shaving Oil – On sale for $5.99 (reg $7.99). It states it lasts up to 100 shaves so that’s not bad at 6 cents a shave. I like putting new items to try in stocking.

25. *Montagne Jeunesse for Men Deep Sea Rescue Mud Masque – On sale for $1.69 (reg price $1.99). I don’t know about you, but my husband would never buy one of these for himself, but he will try it if I buy it. Also available in Tired Skin Reviving.

26. *L’Oreal Men Expert Shave Foam (Anti-Irritation) – On sale for $2.24 (reg $2.99).

27. L’Oreal Men Arginine X3 2-in-1 – Reg $1.49. Travel-sized items are always a fun idea for stocking stuffers.

28. Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave – Reg price $4.99. Great for someone wanting to try something new. Hypo-allergenic and available in three types, Aloe Mint, Coconut Lime, and Mango Vanilla.

29.  Mansfield Styptic Pencil – Regular price $2.99. Great for any shaving kit, this pencil helps with minor shaving cuts.

Games and collectibles


30. *UNO – On sale for $7.99 (reg $8.99), this classic card game is fun on the go. Perfect for those who travel, or just miss kicking it old school.

31. Plastic Folding Crib Board – Regular $3.99.

32. Trading Card Sleeves – Reg price $1.99 for 100 sleeves. Great for your card collector. Speaking of which, there are also various collector card series available as well.

33. Bicycle Playing Cards – Reg price $3.99. Who can’t use a new deck of cards? Perfect size for stockings. Card types available are Eco Edition, Jumbo, Bridge and Poker.

34. Bicycle Dice Set (5) – Reg price $1.99. Anyone up for a game of Farkle?

35. *2014-15 Sport Sticker Collection Packs – On sale for 79 cents (reg $2.00). Available in NHL, NFL and NBA.

Around the house


36. *Crystal Wine Server 2-pack – On sale for $2.99 (reg $5.99). Give both together or separate into two stockings.

37.*Hopkins Vent Clip Air Freshener – On Sale for $3.29 (reg price $3.99). Available in berry scent; use in the car.

38. WD-40 – Reg $3.99. This is a great size to throw in a trunk or work area. 

39. *Nite Beams Skull Cap – On sale $7.99 (reg price $29.99). I just came across this great sale while shopping for stocking stuffers. This is such a great sale and perfect for anyone who is out at night working, running, walking the dog, camping or for any other reason.

40. Memo Book 3X5 – Reg price 1.79. This is perfect for those note-takers and task-creators on your list.

41. Hockey Canada Memo Pad – Reg $1.29.

42. *London Drugs Coffee Break Note Pad – On Sale $2.99 (reg $3.99). A fun pad with pencil for the coffee-lover on your list.

43. *Houdini Wine Bottle Stopper – On Sale $3.49 (reg $4.99). These are always nice to have on hand. Available in an assortment of bright colours, but you do not get to pick your colour. I happen to like all of them though.

44. MSC Bloom Wine Charms (6 pack) – Reg $3.99. I love to give things I’d like to receive and this is definitely something cute that I’d like to see in my stocking.

45. *Intech Practice Golf Balls – On sale $1.99 (reg $3.99). Comes in four different colours.

46. *RFID Blocking Credit or ID Card Sleeve – On sale $2.49 (reg $2.69). Great for going on vacation or just every day use. Keep your credit card information safe from prying devices.

47. *London Drugs Tea Kettle Infuser – On sale for $1.99 (reg $4.99). Stainless steel and very cute idea for a tea lover.

48. LD Spuds Cleaning Cloth – Listed as $6.99 and ‘while quantities last’. Available in black, black (not a typo), blue lightning, multi camo and red flower.



49. *Marvel Heroes Glow in the Dark Stickers – On sale for 59 cents (reg $1.99)

50. Crayola Premium Paint Brushes – Regular price $2.99.

51. *Spot Lite Disney Frozen Else Charmlite – On sale for $5.99 (reg $9.99)

52. *Ultimate Spiderman Hero Copter – On sale for 88 cents “while quantities last” (reg $1.99)

53. *Despicable Me Playing Cards (2 pack) – On sale for $3.99 (reg $4.99). Pack includes 2 decks of playing cards.

54. *Amazing Marbles (pack of 50) – On sale for 99 cents (reg $1.99). Package includes 50 marbles with one super shooter. 5+

55. *Toy Story Stickers Value Pack (120 stickers) – On sale for 79 cents (reg $4.99).

56. *Disney Frozen Playing Cards (2 pack) – On sale for $2.99 (reg $4.99). Package includes two decks of cards with instructions to play some games.

57. *Minions Study Kit (4 piece) – On sale for 99 cents (reg $2.99). Includes notepad, pencil, sharpener and eraser. Also available in a Disney Frozen set.

58. *Tech 4 Kids Micro Lites – On sale for $2.99 (reg $4.99). Available in Paw Patrol, Despicable Me, Shopkins, My Little Pony and an assortment (can not choose type in assortment)



59. *Despicable Me PEZ Dispenser – On sale for $2.29 (reg $2.99). Available in assorted Despicable Me characters.

60. *PEZ Candy Refills – On sale for $2.29 (reg $2.99). Great for all of those dispensers laying around your house.

61. *Funbooks – On sale for $2.79 (reg $2.99). Available online in Hubba Bubba and Skittles.

62. *M&Ms Star Wars Light Saber – On sale for $3.99 (reg $5.49).

63. *Star Wars Ornament – On sale for $2.29 (reg $2.59). May the force be with you… and filled with candy.

64. *Toblerone Bundle – On sale for $6.99 (reg $8.99). Comes in a package of six bars so you can buy in bulk and split them between stockings.

65. *Skittles Candy Cane Tube – On sale for $1.49 (reg $1.69).

I could go on and on in the candy section, but you get the idea. Just search for favourite chocolate or candy to add to your final order. You can even add bars or look through the Food and Seasonal/Christmas (then Candy & Chocolate) in the Home & Lifestyle section.

As for the pets, there are a lot of options available in the Pet Store section on London Drugs. Make sure you remember your fur-family before check out.

SHIPPING: Shipping is free with London Drugs if your order is over $200. Alternatively, even below that amount, it is less than $10 and is about two to five business days. Occasionally you can find a deal to make shipping free so sign up for their newsletter or take advantage of it when you see it.

This post is part of my ambassadorship with London Drugs. I ordered all of my stocking stuffers online and I was impressed with their selection and pricing. Opinions are mine.



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  • Soozle Dec 15, 2015, 9:22 am

    Wonderful ideas! I really like the idea of the little pocket games like UNO.. we tend to go the route of items like cosmetic puffs, etc

  • nicolthepickle Dec 14, 2015, 1:20 pm

    I really like #47. I think it’s so sweet.

  • Glogirl Dec 10, 2015, 9:13 am

    Great stocking stuffer ideas! I love the idea of lip products like lip balm. It is so useful this time of the year.

  • Jo-Anne Dec 10, 2015, 7:45 am

    What great ideas! I usually just chocolates, candies, mandarin oranges, and gift cards in mine.

  • Lee-Ann S Dec 10, 2015, 4:33 am

    My favourite stocking stuffer is the Life Savers storybooks!

  • Seham Merzib Dec 10, 2015, 3:56 am

    love the Despicable Me PEZ Dispenser

  • Jennifer P. Dec 10, 2015, 2:23 am

    My favourite idea is the little packs of travel Kleenex – totally useful at this time of year, and something I always need but never remember to buy! And you can get cute designs to suit your recipient. I love something practical that also has a fun (design) bit to it!