Memorable Christmas gifts for her

I don’t want to sound any alarm bells, but it is now December, and that means that there are less than 25 sleeps until Christmas day. Some years, finding a great gift is easy. Other years it can be a scramble. But what about those years that you want to buy that special gift to mark an occasion or to just stand out above all of the other holidays.

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We’ve got you covered with some great ideas to get you started.

Local treats

There are many local companies that sell unique items and you will be able to find something for anyone on your list. Buying local builds your economy. It introduces you and the gift-receiver to new places, and it gives you a unique gift that she will cherish. A quick look around your city, and you can probably find chocolates, jewelry, bath products, clothing and more.

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In addition to local stores, craft sales are a plenty over the holidays. Head out and grab a locally made item from someone in our creative community.

A clean house

The holidays can get a little hectic. There are parties, dinners, drop ins and don’t forget the clean up after the yuletide has left the building for another year. Give the gift of a tidy house and a clean start to a new year.

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In Edmonton and Calgary (and surrounding areas), Mad Maids offers exceptional service, online booking and flat rate pricing so you know what you are going to get and how much it will cost. They are also available on fairly short notice for those of you who just remembered you are throwing a party this weekend!

We had the chance to test out Mad Maids on our own and we were extremely happy with the results. Their booking system is easy to use and takes approximately one minute to fill in. After that, there is a great level of communication to make sure that all of our needs will be met.

The team that came to our house were wonderful and kind. They brought all of their own supplies and I walked them through our rooms and answered any questions before heading out. I arrived back home about five hours after and they were done and had let themselves out. Now I think I keep a clean house, but once you have your home professionally cleaned, there is a difference. And it was so nice to arrive home that afternoon.

My husband, thinking he could catch the clean team, checked for dust in places I would never think to check, like on top of our ceiling fan, etc. But everywhere he looked, there was no dust (and in the five years we’ve lived here, I know I’ve never cleaned there). They were very thorough.

In addition to the flat rate for cleaning, you can add extras on like laundry, deep cleaning, move-in/move-out, finished basement, etc. You can either do the booking yourself, or send over a Mad Maids gift certificate and let your recipient organize the booking on their own.

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A cleaning service is also a great idea for just before all of your guests come over for Christmas dinner or before that big party (or after).

A relaxing day

Taking time out to enjoy a day of pampering is at the top of many lists this holiday. Spas offer various services from manicures, pedicures, facials, massages and much more. You can buy one service or mix and match services to get to a certain price point. If money is no object, many spas also offer half day and full day packages that will leave her feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated.

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If you are not sure which service is right for her, you can always inquire about a gift card. Just make sure to look at some of the more popular services (listed in the paragraph above) to get an idea of the gift card amount.

A getaway

Whether you stay in your city or head out of town, sometimes a few days is all you need to recharge and get ready to take on the new year. Prices are often better for travel the second and third week into January, and there is still a lot to choose from.

The fireworks at the end of Jasper in January are spectacular. Photo copyright, Sheri Landry.

The fireworks at the end of Jasper in January are spectacular.

If you are staying near home, tie your vacation in with an event, concert or festival.

If you are looking for a unique travel experience, I recommend Jasper in January. It is a three-week festival that runs each year and offers adventure, culinary delights and a chance to connect with your creative self through a series of workshops run by artists. Here you can hone talents you never thought you had such as painting and soap stone carving.

The schedule is usually available on the Jasper in January Tourism website around mid-December and there is a lot to take in. I suggest going on the last weekend as there is a fabulous winter fireworks display in the mountains to wrap it all up.

Subscription boxes

Subscription boxes usually come out monthly and contain a wide range of items in a certain theme. There are candy, wine, coffee, local, healthy, crafty, etc, etc, etc items. What does she love? What are her hobbies? Just google a category with the term subscription box (you can also add in Canada) and you should be able to find something that you can sign up for.

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You choose how many you want to send. Pay. Then each month a new surprise shows up at their door. It’s a nice way of extending Christmas well into the next year.

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