Staycation summer activities

There are less than two weeks left until the house gets a little quieter during the weekdays. It’s time to make the most of the last days of summer and here are some activities you should get in (if you haven’t already).

Summer Family Activities


This is our new favourite thing. I first described geocaching to my kids as a giant, worldwide scavenger hunt with maps and sometimes treasure. They were in. We downloaded the free Geocaching App from iTunes and within one week, we upgraded to the paid Geocaching version which is worth every penny.

Once the app is on your phone, you pull up your location and pins on the map will show the closest geocaches to you. Then you head out in search of your next find. They can be small to large in size and contain anything from a notepad to record your name and date, to trinkets and items to trade. Once you find the cache, you can add it to your list of ‘finds’ and then go in search of the next one.


My girls love this, and we are already planning our next hunt. We are also talking about creating and hiding our own cache.

Scavenger Hunt

Much like geocaching, but without the phone, you can create your own scavenger hunt complete with hints and a prize at the end. This keeps it in your own backyard, but requires more planning on your part.

Bug Hunt

This was a new one for us this summer as our girls never liked bugs, until now. This summer, we learned how spiders spin their webs, why bees don’t sting unless they absolutely have to, why dragonflies are pretty awesome, and why Daddy Long Legs are not actually considered spiders.

I watched their fear fade as their knowledge grew and we are ending the summer with a love of our outdoor neighbours… Except mosquitoes. We all still dislike mosquitoes (thankfully we haven’t had any in Edmonton this summer).

In case of rain (or excessive mosquitoes), read this

One of our school year traditions carried into the summer months, and that is our family movie night. We had a beautiful summer here, but even the best summers still have their rainy days. Having a pajama day filled with indoor games, crafts, music, snacks, and a fun afternoon of movies while curled up on the couch together is still a lot of fun.

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