Make it Happen Monday: Checking in on my project

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Last week, I shared that I was taking back my Mondays and putting my creative self first with Motrin’s Make It Happen Monday challenge. We all have projects to complete and goals that we want to achieve and, at some point, you just need to make it happen. So why not on Monday?


I set the tone for my week by clearing out and painting my office. At first, I thought my challenge was going to be finding the necessary time. I spend my days with two kids, a dog, and a cat. I’m lucky if I finish a cup of coffee before it gets cold, let alone paint a whole room.

It turns out that finding time wasn’t an issue. My parents offered to take the girls for a sleepover, and after a long walk, the dog just wanted to sleep.

My obstacle didn’t come until the next day when I woke up with aches and pain. The next day stopped me in my tracks. I still had things to do, but all I wanted to do was nurse my sore legs and arms. It was this moment when I realized why Motrin had created this challenge.


We all run into obstacles, and success is determined by whether you give in and accept things as they are or you keep going. With the help of Motrin, I chose to keep going. I picked out a new desk that better serves my needs and set it up.

As I see my new office come together, I am inspired to see it through. Even though my office isn’t complete, I am working in it now and I have no desire to head back out to the couch to write. I love it in here. It is bright and calm and mine. Check out my video below to see how it is going.

I still have a few things I want to add. I have a DIY project to get started, I will be recovering a new office chair, and I have an idea to add some of my own art into the design.

Do you have something you’ve been meaning to get done? Don’t wait for the perfect moment; create it. Set time aside for yourself and join me in making it happen. Can you imagine the things you would accomplish in a month or a year if you took back your Mondays and dedicated them to achieving your goals?

Motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts, so that you can keep being the unstoppable woman that you are. Follow us on Twitter @MotrinCA for help and motivation through the aches and pains of improvement, or pass it on with hashtag #MakeitHappenMonday.

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