Magnetic Advent Calendar DIY

I have a lot of scrap wrapping paper laying around. Each piece is too small to cover a gift, but I hold on to it just in case. The same goes for previous years’ Christmas cards that we’ve received from friends and family.

So, what to do, what to do?

An easy DIY Magnetic Advent Calendar tutorial
I had the idea earlier this summer that I could turn them into something special for the holidays and after a trip around IKEA, I decided to use their magnetic spice jars to create a space-saving advent calendar that is personal and unique.

The craft was easy enough, but it was something that my younger daughters did not help with because of the specific cut that was needed. They did help with putting the cut piece into the container, but that was it.

Magnetic Advent Calendar DIY


Magnetic tins with clear lid (can be purchased at IKEA)
Pieces of wrapping paper, old cards, or gift bagsPencil
Number stickers (optional)

The directions are extremely simple. If the tins come with an insert, remove it and trace it on to your wrapping paper.


Cut around the lines and insert the paper into the tin and put the original insert back in to hold the paper in place. Fill the tins with advent goodies and place on a fridge or other magnetic surface.


You can also label the jars from one to 25 to make it easier for counting down to the big day.


And voila!

An easy tutorial for  making a magnetic advent calendar

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