Joovy Comparison: ScooterX2 and the Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Double Stroller

When I first reviewed the Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Double Stroller from Joovy in 2011, I was really torn. I really liked both the Caboose Ultralight and the ScooterX2, so much so that it took me a couple of weeks to finally decide which one I wanted to review for my website.

Since my review, I have made countless ‘surfs’ back to the Joovy site to admire the ScooterX2. Even though we are extremely happy with the Caboose Ultralight, I still wonder what we might be missing.

If you are like me and you’ve already decided on a Joovy double stroller (which, in my opinion, is a good decision), then this post is for you if you are still torn as to which double stroller to purchase. Here, I am comparing the Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Stroller with the ScooterX2 Stroller.


In short, the Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Stroller has a front facing seat in the front, and an area in the back where an older child can hop on and off. They can choose to stand and hold on facing forward, or sit and face back. The ScooterX2 has two front-facing seats side by side. Both the tray on the Caboose Ultralight and the bar across the ScooterX2 can detach if you choose.

BASICS Caboose Ultralight
Stand-on Double Stroller
ScooterX2 Stroller
Price $269.99 $229.99
Size(Assembled) 41.50″H x 21.5″W x 37″L 40″H x 30″W x 32″L
Weight 21 lbs. 28.1 lbs.
Colours Black, Blueberry, Greenie,
Brownie, Orangie,
Black, Greenie, Orangie
Age 3 months+ to a maximum of 45 lbs in each seat (note, this can be used from birth+ with the car seat adapter) 3 months + to a maximum size of 45 lbs in each seat (90 lbs. total)

There isn’t a big price difference between both options, but I did notice a difference in the weight. The Ultralight weighs 7 pounds lighter than the ScooterX2 and I found it was easier to pick up the Ultralight when I was putting it in our trunk. This is due to the fact that the ScooterX2 is fairly wide, so dealing with it was a little new to me.

While the ScooterX2 comes in three fun colours, the Ultralight has an additional two colours to choose from.

Both strollers start at three months of age for your infant. The Caboose Ultralight does have the option of a car seat adaptor that connects to the front seat. When connected, the front seat must be reclined to the second setting, so this does affect how comfortably the child in the back seat can sit. With the ScooterX2, at 3 months, both can sit and recline easily on their own without affecting the comfort level of the other passenger.

STORAGE Caboose Ultralight
Stand-on Double Stroller
ScooterX2 Stroller
Parents Yes – 2 cup holders, 1 small zippered pouch. Located by the handles of the stroller. Yes, 2 cup holders, 2 zippered pouches located behind child seats.
Children No – only a tray for the child in the front seat Yes, two small mesh pockets in each child’s seat, but no tray.
Underneath Ample storage area under the stroller. Child in rear seat must get out of stroller to access the storage area. Small pockets on both sides of storage can carry items that are used more often. Very large storage area. Because this stroller is side by side, there is more storage than the Caboose Ultralight. Easy to access without any children needing to stand up.

When I mention above that the ScooterX2 has more storage, this in no way is meant to say that the Caboose Ultralight doesn’t. We have been very happy with the amount of storage in the Caboose Ultralight. We live in a winter climate, so when I take our girls out during the week and we arrive at our indoor destination, both myself and my two girls have been able to remove winter coats, scarves, mitts and even my girls boots and store them underneath the Caboose Ultralight. The ScooterX2 is impressive with it’s vast storage space.

SAFETY & COMFORT Caboose Ultralight
Stand-on Double Stroller
ScooterX2 Stroller
Brakes Linked Rear Brakes Linked Rear Brakes
Reclining Only the child in the front seat is able to recline.There is anattachment that turns the back seat in to a forward facing seatand gives the child in the rear seat the option to recline as well. Both seats recline individually. So one child, or both children can recline.
Canopy Oversized canopy with a sun visor extension. The canopy can be adjusted to cover a wide area and is only attached at the sides of the stroller, so it can be pulled completely forward if needed. Oversized canopy with a retractable sun visor. Since the canopy is attached to the stroller at the back, it can not be pulled completely forward. There is a small window in the canopy so you can look in on your children without disrupting them.
Folding Easily folds down for storage by lifting one lever on each side of stroller. Easily folds down for storage by buttons on the handle of the stroller

The main difference we found with the strollers is where we would use them. Because the Caboose Ultralight is thinner and lighter, we would take this one on a trip. We actually did end up taking it to Cuba with us earlier this year and it was one of my favourite items we took. The size of the Caboose Ultralight was perfect for getting in and out of the crowded market areas. The ScooterX2 would not have done well in Cuba as many of the merchants were crowded close together.

The ScooterX2 provided a lot of laughs and fun when our girls got to sit side by side, I would use this stroller to go out to the mall for a stroll, or when we are outside enjoying the city in the summer. I would also take this on a trip, but it would be more of a road trip where I was certain the width of the stroller wouldn’t impact what we could get in to see.


Our girls enjoyed getting to sit beside each other in the ScooterX2 Stroller. In the bottom two pictures, they loved the little window. It is meant for parents to check in on their kids, but I think our girls were trying to keep an eye on us.

Last summer, our oldest often wanted to sit in the front of the Caboose Ultralight because she was tired of looking out the back. I asked her this weekend if she liked that she could look out the front in the ScooterX2 and she told me that she did. She was, however, quick to say that she also liked the ‘other’ stroller too.

The ScooterX2 Stroller provides a lot of storage all over from pockets in each seat to cup holders, pockets and the biggest underneath storage area you have ever seen.

The ScooterX2 Stroller provides a lot of storage all over from pockets in each seat to cup holders, pockets and the biggest underneath storage area you have ever seen.

If this review sounds middle of the road, thats because it is. We all enjoy using both of the strollers, and have found that no matter what we would have chosen in the first place, we would not have lost out. Both of these are strong, sturdy and reliable. So in the end, it will come down to you.

What do you want to use the stroller for most? What features do you like over the others? As you read through this post, you are going to be drawn to one side. And that will be your answer.

Since I’ve had the Caboose Ultralight the longest, you can read some other posts and see some photos of it here:

*Disclosure – I received the ScooterX2 Stroller from Joovy in order to complete my feature. The opinions in this post are mine only.

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  • Teice Apr 2, 2013, 9:26 am

    I love my Scooterx2! I use it all the time for my own children and my daycare children. We walk to the post office, library, grocery store etc. We always have plenty of room for everyones stuff inlcuding diapers and cups plus whatever we pick up while we are out and about.