Joovy: Caboose Too Seat (Rear Seat Attachment)

Just over a year ago, I did a review of the Joovy Caboose Ultralight Stand-on Double Stroller. Pictured here, it is a stroller seat in the front with an area at the back where an older child can stand or sit on the small seat. It isn’t a full seat with a back, just an area where they can sit down, but not fall asleep in.

We love our double stroller and take it everywhere, but the one thing I found that I missed was the ability to have a seat for my oldest. On our outings, we always had to be mindful of how much time was going to be spent out. Since our oldest is four, she still gets tired easily so once both girls felt drowsy, we needed to pack it in.

This photo was taken when I first did my review of the Caboose Ultralight. You can see here what the back looks like without the attachment. Our youngest was also strapped in using the car seat attachment. What a difference a year makes.

I remember walking back to the car after a day out in July where I had to try to keep my oldest awake because she was starting to lean over and I was worried that she might fall off the seat.

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Joovy has come out with a fantastic attachment for the Caboose, Caboose Ultralight and Big Caboose strollers. The Caboose Too Rear Seat is a seat that attaches to the stroller and creates a full-sized rear seat that not only supports a child who wants to lean back, it can also be reclined for tired toddlers and includes a five-point harness to keep them safe.

After a long day of fun and running, our oldest just wanted to sit back and relax. Now, she can without the fear of falling over.

Set up was easy and it just clips in to place. For the safety of your kids, please follow the complete instructions to make sure you are not skipping an important step.

After the second seat was set up, our girls can sit in either seat so if our oldest wanted to know what it was like to sit up front, she could.

Our oldest has always wanted to know what it feels like to be in the front. With this new attachment, they both get to trade places now and then.

The stroller folds down just the same as it does without the seat attachment and stores away easily. The back seat supports kids from 6 months up to 45 pounds and it is available in the same colours as the current strollers listed above (black, blueberry, greenie, orangie) so that it looks natural with your current Joovy stroller.

I like having this as an attachment rather than just part of the regular stroller set up because it gives us the option of either set up because there are some places where my daughter wants to hop on and off so I can just detach the seat attachment and she is on her own.

You can read more about both the Caboose Ultralight and the Caboose Too Seat on the Joovy website. The Caboose Ultralight Stroller I originally reviewed is on the website for $269.99, and the Caboose Too Rear Seat is available for $69.99. You can also follow Joovy on Twitter or like Joovy on Facebook.

*Disclosure – I received the Caboose Too Seat in order to complete my feature. The opinions in this post are mine only.

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