Home is in the air with new Life ScentsTM by Air Wick®

During the summer months, our yard is our home. If it isn’t raining, the door to our deck opens when we first wake up and we are in and out all day long.

In the morning, I make myself a coffee (sometimes tea) and I walk out on to our deck. Listening to the birds in our trees sing their song as I take my first deep smell from my mug is my favourite way to wake up in the morning.

Enjoying a cup of coffee on the deck while the kids eat breakfast in their bathing suits. It's going to be that kind of day and I love it.

Enjoying a cup of coffee while the kids eat breakfast on the deck.

I am home.

Then before the day gets too hot, I spend time in the garden. We have a vegetable garden and some flower beds that I enjoy taking care of. The smell of the Hollyhocks in our yard have traveled with us from house to house because I keep planting them. I love their beautiful colour, their sweet scent, and how they grow on tall stalks near our deck.


Once the sun is out in full force, we get in our pool. It’s not a huge pool, but it is perfect for us. Our girls splash around and shoot water out of guns into the air while our dog runs through the rain drops as the water falls back down on him. Although I am beginning to enjoy the smell of chlorine because of the fun memories it invokes, I still don’t like the scent of wet dog. I don’t think that smell will ever be popular.

Then it is on to dinner. It is almost always a barbecue. The smell of meat slathered in sauce cooking alongside corn and potatoes is enough to make anyone hungry. There are so many foods you can barbecue and some weeks we grill every day of the week.

Tonight we are having home made pizza on the barbecue. Our girls love cooking and the smell of pizza on the grill is amazing.

Tonight we are having homemade pizza on the barbecue. Our girls love cooking and the smell of pizza on the grill is amazing.

Don’t get me wrong, I spend time in the house during summer too, I just don’t like it as much. On the days when I’m inside, I like having scents around my home to give it a summer feel.

During summer, my favourite scents are the ones that can bring the outdoors in. New Air Wick® Life ScentsTM is the first constantly changing fragrance with three distinct fragrances that work well on their own or when they overlap with each other. Since the fragrances are changing and creating different scents, you can notice the fragrance for a longer period of time.

New Life Scents by Air Wick

As for my top choice for a summer scent, I’m torn. I am in love with two of the Air Wick® Life ScentsTM this summer. The Turquoise Oasis is a subtle outdoor fragrance that combines the scents of driftwood, sea spray and warm breeze. I think this is the perfect combination and I enjoy using this in the evenings because I find it relaxing while I work.

New Air Wick Life Scents in Summer Delights and Turquoise Oasis

I also like the Summer Delights Air Wick® Life ScentsTM. I think the best time for this one is during rainstorms. While I love the rain, it can sometimes come with a heavy smell of drenched everything. The white flowers, melon and vanilla fragrances in this Air Wick® Life ScentTM balance everything out nicely and leave a fresh smell.

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Unlike ordinary home fragrances, each Air Wick® Life Scents™ fragrance contains three constantly changing unique scents that let you create your own home experience. Try the new air freshener collection from Air Wick®– Available in four multi-layered fragrances from Airwick.ca.

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