5 Things to Consider Before Getting Permanent Makeup

Can you imagine how it would feel to just roll out of bed in the morning looking like you put an effort into your makeup? Think about all of the time you would save in the day if you already had a good enough base on to head out the door?

Many women with not enough time in the day have evaluated the time they spend doing things in an effort to shave off some more time for themselves and permanent makeup would definitely be a time saver.

With an increase in permanent makeup businesses offering discounts through discount websites, there are a few things you should consider before you open your wallet and take the plunge because there’s just something so permanent about the word ‘permanent’, isn’t there?

I decided to look into permanent eyeliner because my eyes disappear without eye makeup and I look like a completely different women without it. I took the plunge and I am extremely happy with the result, however there were some parts of the process and procedure that I was not prepared for.

20131221-080530.jpgFor those of you who have been thinking about permanent makeup here are some things you need to know beforehand:

Choose someone reputable.

My consultation was with the owner of the company who trains his artists for a whole year before they are even allowed to touch a client.  The amount of training that has gone into the artist ensures that mistakes are not made.  Make sure that the artist you choose has at least 5 years of training and works at a reputable business.

You can also research their reputation through word of mouth, online reviews and following them in social media and watching their engagement.

Take an antihistamine.

I was told to do this and forgot, which resulted in quite a bit of swelling.  I was assured I would be okay to go to work the next day and that was not the case.  I had my procedure done on a Tuesday and was swollen until Saturday.  I could have gone into work as it was not a serious illness, I just didn’t want to scare anyone.  You also need to know that you will not be wearing mascara for a whole week after the procedure (I don’t know about you but I do not leave my house without my mascara).

Permanent Eyeline Day 1

Permanent Eyeliner Day 2

It may cost more than what you think.

I was told that the consultation was free.  Be prepared, however, to pay more for some ‘additional procedures’. In my instance they conducted a spot test behind my ear to see if I was allergic to the products and the charge for this was $60 (this $60 came off of my actual procedure. However if I chose not to go through with it I have lost $60).

After my procedure I was told that I MUST purchase a product called Vita Soothe to help with healing.  I didn’t want to risk not buying it because these are my eyes we are talking about.  This was an additional $60 on top of the procedure. Then there was the gratuity.

So, be prepared and ask about all of the fees in advance. It is even better if you can get it in writing.

Infection is possible. Read the contract.

When you are handed the form to sign prior to the procedure make sure you ask for a few minutes alone to read it.  I found I didn’t have enough time to read it and just signed it anyway out of pressure and excitement.  You need to be aware of the risks, and hidden fees may be mentioned in the document. 

In my instance, I developed an eye infection three days after my procedure.  I ended up taking antibiotic eye drops for a week which meant an additional $30.

Permanent Eyeliner Day 4

It comes off.

Four days after my procedure the eyeliner started to come off in black chunks.  I was assured that this is normal and will be corrected in the touch up (which is included in the price) after 6 weeks.  The makeup is then supposed to last for at least three years, at which time you can have a touch up for half the cost of the original procedure (check your location though, this may not be the same deal for you).

Even though I developed an eye infection and the makeup cost me $90 more than I had planned I am still extremely happy with the results.  I love waking up with my eyeliner in place. If you are someone who has very light or minimal eyebrows I recommend permanent brow makeup as well.

Permanent Eyeliner Day 10

Permanent Makeup Quick Tips:

  1. Research who you are going to go with. Choose someone that comes highly recommended.
  2. Listen and follow all directions.
  3. Ask about hidden fees and get them in writing.
  4. Read your contract and make sure you know what you are, and are not entitled to.
  5. Ask questions and make sure you know what happens before, during, and after the procedure.



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