Music Festival Must Haves

Ever since Woodstock, music festivals have been part of the bliss of summer for the young and unencumbered. They’re now massive multi-day cultural events with corporate sponsors, plenty of rules and they can cost big bucks to attend. In order to maximize your enjoyment, we’ve got suggestions on your must haves when taking in a [...]

Think about how many times in a week you need to grab something out of your medicine cabinet for you or your kids. Even something small like vitamins, headache relief, or lip balm. Now times that number by at least five because we all know that if you are going to need something from your [...]

London Drugs will be offering free Operation Family Identification (OFIs) packages at various stores across Alberta during August and September. What is Operation Family Identification? The Operation Family Identification program is designed to give parents a permanent record of their child’s photo, fingerprints, weight and height, in a convenient, readily accessible package that can be [...]