It was such a pleasure to watch and listen to Sarah McLachlan perform at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton. I never thought it could be possible, but her voice has grown more powerful with time and I am a fan all over again. Sarah McLachlan played two sold out shows in Edmonton on October 30 [...]

The title of Sebastian Bach’s latest album is Kicking and Screaming. It’s a phrase that would also accurately describe his band’s performance at the Capital Ex on July 29. They kicked it into high gear on the last night of the fair, with Bach singing – and screaming – his way through a 75 minute [...]

Tesla Anyone?

Frank and I went to Red’s last night to see Tesla (The 5 Man Acoustical Band) in concert. I have to be very honest here — I didn’t recognize any songs…not 1. I thought for sure I would recognize something. Anyway, Frank had a wonderful time and I have to admit, some of their songs [...]

During the day on Saturday, we found another park in downtown Edmonton and we went for a nice long hike. There was also a skating pond for the winter and cross country ski trails. We are definitely going skating there this year. Saturday marks the day that I finally got my license plate on and [...]