Finally Embracing My Roots

It wasn’t until I was three that my hair started to sprout. Up until then, a sparse mass of curly locks crowned my little head –  nothing substantial enough for a barrette or elastic band to secure it in place. While the other little girls in Kindergarten had long, shiny hair that flowed past their [...]

Since I picked my daughter up on her last day of pre-K in June, I’ve been thinking about my early school memories. Sometimes I get so wrapped up in ‘what needs to get done’ these days that I forget that these moments will forge my own daughter’s memories when she is my age. I’ve crowd-sourced [...]

Leaving My Neighbourhood

I first moved into my neighbourhood over 7 years ago. As you can imagine, everything in it is comfortable and familiar. I know that the brick building across the street always has bird feeders and that there are beautiful sweet peas in the garden behind the church rectory. I know the shortcut through the parking [...]