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We are already one week into school and I am still having a tough time wrapping my head around the end of summer vacations. Our week has been busy, but everyone is making it through without many issues and here are some things we are focusing on.

What I learned from our first week of back to school

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Create a special area for your child(ren)

Before school started, we cleared an area in our kitchen and added a couple of things to support our kids for their year of learning. I originally was going to put a couple of items on the desk in our kitchen just for my own organization. When my daughter saw me organizing, she asked if we were creating a special spot for her and her sister because they were going to school” (announced with a lot of pride). I said “of course I am”, and cleared a larger area and picked up some supplies to create a learning station. They loved getting a small space for their important tools, and all I added were two accordion file holders (one each, to put their papers and art in by month over the school year), two notebooks (that we call ‘work-it-out books’, to use when they are working on a problem and want more paper), and a pack of pencils. That was all it took and they were happy.

Our Learning Centre

Put your schedule and lists where you (and the whole family) can see them

A calendar that folds up gets forgotten about after time. Lay out everyone’s schedules so the whole family knows what is going on. Ours is on our fridge right above our daughter’s chore lists. Make a habit of glancing at it before you open the fridge so you can always be ready. You need to be diligent about adding your information as you get it. Go through school newsletters, teacher’s notes and party invites and add all of the information in right away.

Display back-to-school calendars where everyone can see them

Beef up the ‘healthy’ choices

Kids do better and manage situations better when they make healthy choices like getting to sleep at a good time, eating foods that support them, and taking care of themselves. Brushing teeth, taking vitamins, and organizing a bedtime routine all help kids to focus, learn, and grow.

Vitafusion™ MultiVites gummy vitamins are a great option to help maintain kid’s health. Filled with key vitamins and delicious to bat – forgetting to take them won’t be an issue.  Taking vitamins also gives kids the vitamins they need (especially if you aren’t sure if they really are eating their vegetables at school) Note: Vitamins are considered supplements only and should not replace meals.

Everything goes on a schedule

I’m still adjusting to this one. Not only do morning routines need to be created, but everything needs to have a time and place, or things don’t get done. Right now, I am the worst at after-school and dinner preparation. When I get my daughters together at home after a day away, we play more and tidy less. If you are having a tough time getting through a certain part of your day, consider writing it out so you can follow it until it becomes habit. Creating a schedule ensures that the chores get done and the play comes after.

What tips do you have for back-to-school? What’s been working for you?

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