Joanie Leeds and the Nightlights: Bandwagon

Award-winning kindie musician Joanie Leeds’ releases her fifth kids’ CD, Bandwagon, on today.
Joanie Leeds Bandwagon

Gifted with a soulful, “rock solid” voice and an instinctive knack for capturing the essence of any style she goes for, Joanie Leeds has delivered, with each new album, music that thrills admiring adults yet speaks to kids in a friendly, non-patronizing way.

Joining Joanie Leeds and her band, The Nightlights, on Bandwagon are Justin Lansing (of the GRAMMY winning Okee Dokee Brothers), GRAMMY winning producer Dean Jones, folk superstar Jonatha Brooke, and acclaimed singer/songwriter Rachel Loshak of the Gustafer Yellowgold family.

Joanie Leeds Photo credit to Shervin LainezThe celebration of this new release has been going on all month long on the Joanie Leeds Facebook page. You can drop in to check for updates, and watch all 14 music videos from this disc on Joanie’s YouTube channel.

Our family was first introduced to Joanie when I reviewed her third cd, I’m a Rockstar, in 2010. My girls gave that cd rave reviews and they still listen to it today. Joanie carries over her knack for kid-catching tunes into this new release with songs that kids of all ages can relate to. As every parent knows, if your children like something, they want to hear it again and again. I find Joanie’s music to be uplifting and I am okay when my kids ask to ‘play it again’.

You can find out more about Joanie by visiting the Joanie Leeds website and there is also a link so you can listen/purchase both this cd and her past releases as well.

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  • Avatar Sheri Landry Jun 25, 2013, 4:27 pm

    You are welcome Joanie. Congratulations on your new release. Another great cd for my girls.