Creating a video time capsule (One Day App)

I take a lot of photos of our daughters. Since I’m always carrying my phone around, I find it almost second nature to pull it out, take a photo and keep going.

It never occurred to me that I should be taking video as well. I always chose photos because it was the quick way to do things. Video tends to sit on my phone, then on my laptop, and then in a backup disk just waiting for the day where I will have all of this extra time on my hands to put all of my little clips together into a movie.

Now looking back, I wish I had taken more video. Our daughters love watching themselves when they were younger and I can hardly believe that my oldest was ever a baby. I love watching the old movies we have (mostly because either my mother or husband made a movie out of the files we had).

I need to do this more.


And now I can. Enter the One Day App. A video time capsule of sorts that you use with your kids, infants, spouse, yourself, etc.

How it works

Once you download the FREE One Day App from iTunes, just create an account (for easy sharing), and grab your subject. Sit down with them, choose a topic to talk about, point the camera at them, and the question will appear on the bottom of the screen.

You have the choice of asking them the question then pressing record so you get just their answer, or pressing record and getting both the question and answer.

I chose to record both the question and answer as I think it is just as important that my daughters hear my voice in the video as well. Always the photographer, never in the photograph. The way I look at it is, what if something should happen to me down the road? Would my daughter want to hear my voice on the video just as much as I want to hear hers?

Then you can choose to keep all of the questions, or delete some and create your final video. Once it is done, you can save it to YouTube and then embed it, like I did below.

Halloween-themed questions:

Favourites-themed questions:

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