Music Festival Must Haves

Ever since Woodstock, music festivals have been part of the bliss of summer for the young and unencumbered. They’re now massive multi-day cultural events with corporate sponsors, plenty of rules and they can cost big bucks to attend. In order to maximize your enjoyment, we’ve got suggestions on your must haves when taking in a [...]

Think about how many times in a week you need to grab something out of your medicine cabinet for you or your kids. Even something small like vitamins, headache relief, or lip balm. Now times that number by at least five because we all know that if you are going to need something from your [...]

Have you been thinking about getting away to a tropical location only to find yourself wondering if it is the best idea because your children are still young? Our daughters are four and a half years, and 20 months old and we just arrived back from a wonderful week away in beautiful Varadero, Cuba. Our [...]

Secrets of a travel writer

As a freelance travel writer for newspapers and magazines, I visit three to four cities a year specifically to experience and write about them. While the occasional trip is scheduled for me, I plan most of my trips myself. Once I’ve decided what city or region I’d like to visit, I start researching possible activities [...]

I’ve loved amusement park rides ever since I was a kid. I recall waiting with anticipation and a fistful of tickets for the dinky little carnival rides in mall parking lots. These days, my favourite amusement park is in our metaphorical backyard – Calaway Park is western Canada’s largest outdoor family amusement park, located just [...]

Kids spending too many hours glued to their electronic devices? An authentic Alberta working or guest ranch vacation might just be the hard reset a kid needs to learn how to enjoy the outdoors. Not long ago, we packed up the kids to drive a portion of the Cowboy Trail and spend a few days [...]

Heading out to a cabin for your family vacation with young kids? Here are some simple ideas to keep them busy after the initial excitement wears off. Collect Rocks, Leaves, and Shells If your cabin is on the beach, there is no shortage of shells and rocks. No beach? No problem. There are still a [...]

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