Sneak Peek: Sherwood Park’s New Value Village

This week I experienced several firsts at the “Sneak Peek” event at Sherwood Park’s new Value Village:

  1. I went thrifting with Sheri Landry, the awesome blogger and all-round fantastic woman behind This Bird’s Day.
  2. I got to be amongst the first crowd to enjoy a brand-spanking-new Value Village – my favourite store of all time.
  3. I met awesome Twitter friends at the Sneak Peek event, along with some of my favourite thrifting enthusiasts from my Splurge Sorority.
  4. I took off my pants in public.  Well, it was my skirt, but still.
  5. I found unworn Clarks ankle booties, an item I have been searching for since starting my second-hand shopping adventure.


What wasn’t a “first” for me was scoring awesome finds at Value Village!  Now that I have experienced time and time again since starting to thrift-shop for myself in August 2012.  I have never walked out of a Value Village disappointed, and Sneak Peek was no exception! 


Sherwood Park’s Value Village is now officially open.

There was a long line of Super Savers Club Card members waiting to storm the aisles!  Sheri and I let them head to the summer seasonal wear while we hit the sweaters and fall finds before the rest of the throng.  Before long, we each had our carts piled high – and we hadn’t even ventured into the rest of the store!  Unlike other local Value Village stores, Sherwood Park has their full selection of fall wear out, making for a great opportunity to beat the pack for fall style!

I was thrilled to discover a compatible shopping partner in Sheri!  She was comfortable parting ways and smiling over the racks.  I brought her options, she brought me options; it is great having a scout along while thrift shopping!  We seemed to communicate with a nod: “I’m heading to blazers.”  “Okay I’ll see you there after sweatshirts.”  Wordless magical shopping kinship, that’s what that is! 

At a steady pace, we each managed to hit the different women’s clothing sections.  When thrift shopping, it is important to look in your size and at least a size above and below, and look at the piece rather than the tag to gauge fit.  I was hunting for fall trend pieces and classics that have been on my hunting list for a while, including the elusive mustard cardi, a chambray (since I’m giving mine away) and ankle booties.  Sheri was looking for cozy winter sweaters, and pieces to wear to some upcoming events and business meetings. 

We, er, may have found a *few* options.

We, er, may have found a *few* options.

Another good thrift-shopping strategy is to rule-out pieces in the aisles instead of taking everything with you to the busy fitting rooms.  So, Sheri and I found an open mirror and began going through our carts.

The incredible detail in this crochet cardi made this a must-get for Sheri! Though I enjoyed this floral chambray, plain pale blue is my heart's desire.

The incredible detail in this crochet cardi made this a must-get for Sheri!
Though I enjoyed this floral chambray, plain pale blue is my heart’s desire.

I meant to head to the fitting rooms to try on the skirts and pants in my cart, but my long tank allowed me to stay put and not waste any precious time… walking.  Because that would’ve taken 67 seconds away from my cart.  Unacceptable!  I loved seeing Sheri’s style on display through the items she selected to try, and I loved the individuality in our styles.  Sheri enjoys neutral layers in soft fabrics with interesting texture and details.  I enjoy colours and patterns in an eclectic mix.  No matter your style, Value Village is guaranteed to have something for everyone.

We each scored several fantastic pieces!  I am now the proud owner of an oxblood printed vintage dress, Simons sweater, and many more awesome pieces that I will be showcasing on VV Boutique Style.  Sheri is set for the cooler weather with many great layering options, some treasures for her kids and *the* score of the evening, a $1.99 Nine West wallet/cell holder, perfect for all the fab blog events she attends.  My score of the evening was the aforementioned Clarks ankle booties for $9.99, unworn and in perfect condition in the beautiful brown I always hoped for!  Colour me happy!

Sheri and I totally scored!

Sheri and I totally scored!

Though your final purchase amount may seem high, it is critically important to consider the cost per piece to assess true value.  In total, Sheri and I left with 33 pieces for an average cost per piece of $7.12.   Most women would pay that for an extra large fancy-schmancy coffee, let alone designer high-quality boots, bags and clothing! 


We beat the back-to-school fall crowds, got unique pieces in fantastic condition at an incredible price-point, and added not only style, but value to our wardrobes!  Thank you Sherwood Park Value Village for the opportunity to attend the Sneak Peak event!  Sheri and I both look forward to future thrifting adventures!

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Disclosure: A gift card was provided while we attended the event, but a post was not guaranteed for the gift card. The opinions expressed in this post are those of the author’s and are not influenced in any way.

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  • Kristyl Clark Aug 19, 2013, 9:02 am

    Love it Nicole! Looks like you lovely ladies had a blast. Anytime you’re in my neck of the woods, I’d love to hit up VV with you. I’m one of those people who never find anything on my own.

    • Nicole Rowan Aug 19, 2013, 10:28 am

      Definitely! I would love to shop together! Likewise if you’re ever in Edmonton, give me a shout! Thanks for reading!