Shed the extra layers and settle into the Kinosoo Beach groove

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Nathalie Senez isn’t a superhero, but she plays at being one at Kinosoo Beach in Cold Lake. Soaring high above the water below, then diving headfirst into the surf, she morphs from bird to dolphin and back. It looks like one of the most freeing sensations in the world.

She’s assisted by Ray Cowell, whose Wicked Watersport Rentals offers flyboarding adventures on the big lake. While relatively new to the watersport scene, flyboarding has taken off (forgive the pun).

Basically it involves standing on a small board driven by a jetpack which is then connected to a personal watercraft (aka Jet Ski or Sea-Doo) by a long hose. Up in the air, you can swoop, sail and dive, steering the jetpack with your body weight.

It’s part of an enviable beach life here in Cold Lake. Kinosoo is one of the more picturesque and accessible beaches in Alberta, with more on the way. The final plans include new docks, volleyball courts, an outdoor amphitheatre for concerts and redesigned street frontage.

It’s easy to see why Cowell started Wicked Watersports in the first place – as a way to live on the beach as much as possible. In addition to flyboarding, he also offers kayaks, paddle boats and SUP boards.

“I’m not a fan of socks or pants,” says Cowell. “And I’ve made my peace with sand. My house is always covered in sand, so sand is a big part of my life.”

However you go about it, it’s hard to argue with the laid back beach vibes of Kinosoo Beach.

“It’s about coming out, relaxing and having fun with friends and family,” says Cowell. “Bring a beach blanket and come on out.”

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