Easy KISS-inspired Cake Design Idea

Finding fun cake decorating ideas for the men in your life can sometimes be a challenge. Here is a simple cake decorating idea my daughters and I came up with to celebrate my husband’s 41st birthday this weekend.

While throwing around ideas of what to put on the cake, my oldest asked, “Can you put KISS on there?”

Yes. Yes I can.

Easy fun cake design for KISS or heavy metal fan


Bake the cake, set it on whatever it will be on when you serve it, then freeze it. It is so much easier to ice a frozen cake then a warm one. After a couple of hours, or a day, take it back out and put the icing on when it is still frozen, then freeze it again if needed.

When icing the cake, don’t worry about gaps around the sides or bottom of the cake, you can always pipe icing in to hide them.

Use a sharp knife to lightly carve out the logo before using icing. Mistakes can be covered up once the final icing is added.

After the logo is etched, follow along the lines with a black gel in a tube for easier handling. I chose a sparkly black gel for this cake.

Fill in the inside, following a sample logo found online. The three colours you will use are red, orange, and a golden yellow.

Lastly, trace around the outside of the black gel with the golden yellow icing.

I hope this idea has provided some inspiration for a cake of yours.

Found in Foodie